Xavi: ‘Dembélé Is At The Level Of The Best Neymar And Robert Is Insatiable’

Xavi Hernandez celebrated the win, especially praised Lewandowski Y Dembelepointed to the team as “the key to success” and also highlighted the good role of all its players, even those who play less: “Everyone is plugged in and that is very important”.

Xavi commented that “Ousmane has been very good and Robert He has made a difference… we have had many occasions to score more goals. We were superior and hence the result, although it bothered us to concede that goal almost at half-time due to our mistake, they caught us in a corner that we took, these are things that we must improve.

On Dembele He commented that “he is happy, he assists, he makes a difference, he is a dagger down the flank and he is being decisive”. And he added that “I have seen few players with that ability in one on one. He is at the level of the best Neymar. He had suffered a lot in recent years and he deserves what he is now. There is no pure winger who can come out on both sides like he does.”

He also talked a lot about Lewandowski, of which he noted that “Robert it is insatiable. It’s fantastic to have him in the team, I’m running out of praise. But it’s not just the hat-trick, it’s everything he does and what he brings to the table.” When asked if he is the best, he assured that “for us he is the best. In addition to the goals, he makes the team play, he understands when we have to press, he gives us many solutions in attack, how he communicates, he understands the game. … He is at a level that is a show. The best? He is there, Benzema and also Haland“.

Despite the leading role of the French and the Polish, he stressed the importance of the team and pointed out that “it is difficult with only one thing, but if I had to say one, it would be the intensity, both in attack and defense. I prefer the intensity and also with the understanding of the game. He celebrated the connection with the stands, although he sent a message of caution: “We noticed a lot of enthusiasm, the people are dedicated. But they are only three points, we have to go to Municha Milanthis has just begun”, although he admitted that “it was a necessary victory, because victories give morale and confidence”.

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