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Why was Hermoso key for Suárez to score the penalty at San Siro?

Luis Suarez was the man in charge of certifying the comeback of the Atlético de Madrid on San siro before him AC Milan, on Champions League. With more than 500 goals behind him, the mattress striker did not shake his pulse to convert the decisive penalty in the 96th minute.

In an interview with TVE, the forward explained why his teammate was key Beautiful mario before taking the penalty. “Mario told me to be careful because the players of the Milan They were trampling the penalty spot to get a little advantage, and I hadn’t realized it, “said the Uruguayan to add:” Well, they are details of teammates who had left that the coach had removed, but who are so involved because this template is like that ”.

And the thing is that the Madrilenian was not even on the grass already, he had been substituted but still had the lucidity to warn his partner. “You realize how much good they wish the group and those details of the players who are there, who are colder than us, who are in hottest blood living the game. I looked and Joao was already on top. He had also noticed, so these are details that help a lot, “he said.

On the fact of having to endure the pressure of such an important launch, he explained that “one is used to experiencing similar situations.” “I had not touched such an important one in Champions. But good with the confidence that you have in your teammates, the coaching staff, the confidence that you have after so many years without scoring in Champions that is above what one is as a player and it is good to try to live that as an anecdote, he continued.

“I assume the responsibility that falls to me, you can have a bad day or a good day but the commitment I have, the ambition not to get bored of winning, not to get bored of wanting to compete no matter how old I am and sometimes I can give you the physical and sometimes not. But one has other things that one has always carried and that is the conviction of going to the end for everything. Since I was a child I have been like this, nobody ever gave me anything and to this day I value that, not lowering my arms is something that I emphasize to me and I try not to go down, “he concluded.

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