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‘We have never considered the departure of Raúl de Tomás’

Domingo Catoira, sports director of Espanyol, has been optimistic about the final composition of the parakeet squad despite the limited time left until the market closes (September 1). Catoira, in the official presentation of Dani Gómez as the new blue and white player, has continued to bet on the continuity of Raúl de Tomás, assuring that his departure has never been on the club’s roadmap.

The coach said that one player per line was missing: is there time to cover your requests?

We have done a lot, but we still need to complete the squad. And we are working on it, despite the fact that we knew it would be a very complicated market

The market closes on day 1: do you have to sell to make a leap in quality in signings?

We are going to continue working on making a strong squad, as we have done up to now. Strong investments have been made by clubs that have made sales, but it is a market for exchanges, transfers and being imaginative. It’s not that you don’t want to, but that you can’t.

The CEO of RCD Espanyol, Mao Ye, assured this Monday at the Ciudad Deportiva Dani Jarque that

Raúl de Tomás, in a match of Espanyol

Does the arrival of Dani affect the situation of RDT?

No. We are awaiting the evolution of RDT’s discomfort, but Dani’s arrival was already planned. His situation has not changed, he arrived on July 14 and since then he has not been able to train or compete with the group: if that has disturbed or clouded the atmosphere, it escapes me. What we want is to see him on the field, demonstrating what he did in the previous two seasons.

How are the renewals of important players?

We have been working on this field for months and we expect news soon. I am optimistic: understanding all the parties makes everything easier.

Will there be more arrivals soon?

We hope to close the ones we can: the template is still incomplete. And we are also dissatisfied because at the beginning we set ourselves some challenges and they are not yet covered.

Diego Martínez said the other day that the objectives must be readjusted to what is there.

This must be discussed with Diego. We talk about reactivating and re-engaging people through results. We opted for a transformation of the club and squad, with one of the best coaches in Spain, and we launched a necessary process of entry and exit, but it takes time. It is the right path but we must continue working to have the most complete squad. I am optimistic and I think we will have the best squad possible. Nobody said or told the coach that it would be an easy road and he knew it when he came, I’m sure of that, apart from the fact that he didn’t come imagining that it would be easy, that’s for sure.

What can be said to the fans, after the latest names that have emerged as signings or possible reinforcements have not just ‘hooked’?

I am not aware of this. What I tell the fans is to be optimistic, to trust in the work of the people, that the decisions that are made are for the good of the club. With patience, optimism and a parakeet heart, the results will be seen.

Has an exit been proposed in the form of the transfer of RDT?

We have never shuffled the output of RDT. If you have reached your best level, this is what can move the issue, but not Espanyol. If an offer arrives and is valued, it will be increasingly difficult for it to adapt to the needs of the club and the RDT itself.

Do you personally believe that at this point in the calendar the squad is far from the objectives set?

We never thought that it would be an easy process: the markets are becoming more and more expensive, until some things change, at least in the Spanish market, where until June 30 the objective is to reconcile balances and at a market level it does not serve any.

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The output of a high chip, would it imply increasing the margin of incorporation of players?

Yes, because we are not negative like other clubs that cannot register four or five players. But it is not our ‘modus operandi’.


Adrià Pedrosa will have to go through the operating room

Alex Caparros/Getty

Finally, if Adrià Pedrosa is operated on, will they look for a replacement?

Adrià has had 2 or 3 seasons with recurrent discomfort that has been treated conservatively. The time has come to make a decision of this type (the intervention), after consulting with various specialists and with the player himself. It probably is. The recovery of him… we will see. We are in the consultation phase because he must recover for the rest of his career: deadlines are not important from this point of view. And about whether a replacement will be sought, we will consult with the coaching staff.

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