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“We don’t give up anything, we want more”

Roberto Olabe It is not for the work of “cutting the wings, the illusion that people have for the project” when after thirteen days of the League, the Real commands the championship with a point of advantage and one more game than Real Madrid and Seville. Within the framework of the ‘Marca sport weekend’, in which he participated in a talk about the use of technology in LaLiga and La Real, the football director txuri urdin stated that “it is a challenge to continue looking like us and that out there, you recognize us for how the club and the team and things do ”and, as a consequence of that,“ we do not renounce anything ”, he added in reference to the hypothesis of maintaining the leadership for as long as possible and, therefore, be a candidate to win the title.

Olabe has used prudence, in the same way, to remember that “we are in November” and that “the next microcompetition period, which begins next weekend and which will take us until December 22, is the most important and we are not going to be able to play the seventh game without having played the first one ”. All this without giving up, and that is “the great challenge”, to look like us and to continue giving the best version we can since from there we will be able to compete and we will be able to tell the one in front ‘I’m going to try to be what I am, to see what you are capable of doing. ‘

And it is that the football director of the Real is clear that, “without cutting off the illusion, we have to be calm enough to try to improve our development model and our game model so that every Sunday we can be as close as possible” .

Ambition, without a doubt, is installed in the club. “We are in Europe for the second consecutive season, something that has not happened for a long time, we would like to continue in Europe repeatedly but we want more. And, in addition, the coach wants more, the boys want more and that is good, that we have that healthy ambition to continue growing ”.

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