Waiting for Isaac

The good vibrations that, in general terms, the Real Sociedad’s attack emits, open and close a slight parenthesis in the slender silhouette of Alexander Isaac. His ‘killer’ look has been lost in discretion for some time now. It turns out that Real need the lethal version of a key player for Imanol, as the starting center forward. On the eve of a great match like the one against Barcelona tomorrow, it is when the jar of essences is expected to explode for the benefit of the team. The quality of the Swedish international is beyond doubt. You need to rescue her.

La Real appears on the second day with the conviction that it can rediscover the taste of victory against Barcelona six years later. Imanol He knows that he has a capable cast at his disposal, but that without the best face of the striker, it will be difficult to store the three points. In the middle of the debate about whether to sign another striker, just after getting injured Carlos Fernandezand about to close a market in which the Isaac has gone more unnoticed than could be expected, the time has come for the Scandinavian to speak inside the area. beat to Ter Stegena goalkeeper to whom he scored a goal in 2019, will be synonymous with approaching the full of two victories.

Isaac He will be the team’s reference tomorrow against Barcelona. The preseason put the striker in some physical trouble, who had to be dosed by the coach, but as soon as the time for the competition arrived, Real had their reference striker: starter in Cádiz and replaced by karrikaburu in the 85th minute. It was not his most dazzling performance, not even remotely, perhaps drawing a continuation line to his season in which he was most off, like the last one. The club conveys, however, that Isak is motivated to face another challenging coexistence like the one that is coming to Real between the League, Europa League and the Cup.

less valued

Anoeta will receive with open arms a Isaac who has always been the object of public warmth since he signed for Real. In fact, it is one of the moments that makes him happiest, as he has declared on more than one occasion. At home, he has scored 44% of the goals he has scored as a txuri urdin. Anything that removes the thorn from the previous season, when he couldn’t shine at home, will be to the realistic benefit.

Isaac he did not go beyond the three goals in Anoeta last year, against Athletic (1-1), Villarreal (1-3) and Espanyol (1-0). Two of these three goals were from penalties and the last one was scored in April. These figures have made, without a doubt, that Isak has traded lower in the market. The trend may be favorable for Real, especially if his continuity at Anoeta coincides with the resurgence of the best version of him. Isaac has a contract until 2026 and with the renewal last summer, the president aperribay he valued him with a termination clause of 90 million, dissuasive for any suitor.

In this context, the visit of Barcelona puts Isaac in the media showcase, since they followed him at the Camp Nou months ago. In the Premier, specifically Newcastle, they have also watched a striker who, if he maintains his average at Real, will hunt down this season Nihat as the fifth top foreign scorer in the club’s history. 15 goals separate him from the Turk and the Swede signs an average of 14 per season as txuri urdin.

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