Vinicius And Rodrygo, Two Speeds To Maintain Real Madrid’s Leadership Against A Good Betis

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The beginnings of Vinicius and the endings of Rodrygo: the attack against the wall and the assault on its ruins. A footballer for every moment, for every circumstance. The two were starters in the return leg to the Bernabéu, against Betis, but Ancelotti He knows very well what is the moment of each one. The leadership, already alone, was held by these two young people who share a cradle and upbringing, but with different and complementary characteristics. For Madrid they are a blessing. For the rival, a torture. [Narración y estadísticas: 2-1]

Another game, another step, another exercise of power and passion by Vinicius, who moves across the pitch like a whip. He unfolds diagonally in search of unchecking and strikes with that final sound that is like a gunshot. Vini is known, he is intuited and he is observed, but probably without doing the latter it is possible to know where to find him. Madrid does not lack footballers who can play without a periscope. A modric either Kroos, initially absent against Betis, Alaba has joined, often on the same perpendicular as the Brazilian. The defender found him at the start of the match to leave him in a face-to-face race with Rui Silva. The goalkeeper stayed in no man’s land. The rest was for Vini like blowing up a child’s balloon. He is already a man of the area. The hesitant boy was left behind.

The definition has no middle ground. Is it natural or is it desperate? The Brazilian was mortified after each roller coaster from which he came out alive, on his feet. Everything changed last year. That makes him, today, the most lethal weapon in Madrid. It seems sacrilege to say so, but he is even more decisive for the white team than Benzema when it comes to blood. It is a double-bladed knife that opens the rival in the channel.

Vinicius’s goal was the wake-up call for a Betis that started out bossy with the ball and was able to overcome the score, when Madrid got confused on a throw-in and Canales found Courtois embarrassed, a goal between his legs. The injury of Fekirhowever, took away bite, although he never renounced his nature despite local dominance from then on, and added strikers to finish off willian jose, Luis Henrique, Joaquin Y Borja Iglesias on the field of play. With Pellegrini there are no folds: if they allow time, their teams play, and a lot.

Borja Iglesias fight

Madrid imposed its authority in a midfield where it grows Tchouameniwhose ball recovery rate is beginning to be as expected. Saved, in that facet, ended up disappeared. Ancelotti dispensed with Valverde to start Rodrygo, who teamed up with Vinicius to put him in front of goal, but his shot unexpectedly went high. It was strange, because Vini no longer fails those.

Rodrygo He is not regular, but he is a footballer of instants, especially in moments of chaos, when fatigue unravels matches and values ​​his quality for the right, right, right goal. The Uruguayan returned to the field, but without separating the Brazilian from his place, because the match was starting at the moment Rodrygo. The first time Valverde pushed, it ended, as the Brazilian knows, around the time of the game.

The new disadvantage did not mean the capitulation of Betis, who never stopped being at the Bernabéu in a threatening way, although neither Luis Henrique nor the autumn Joaquin they have what, today, has Fekir or offers Channelswho ended up exhausted, or fight Borja Iglesias. He is one of the leading Spanish footballers in his team who has what it takes to be in Qatar, but that question must be answered in another window.

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