Villarreal Crushes Elche

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Two appearances of Gerard Moreno Y Giovani Lo Celso in the first part and two others Coquelin Y Morales Almost at the last breath they were enough to decide a derby in which Villarreal was far superior to an inoffensive Elche. The yellows put the game in franchise in a very complete first half that only the great performance of the goalkeeper Egdar Badia prevented it from ending with a much larger lead for Unai Emery’s team.

With a slow pace, Villarreal soon began to take possession of the ball to begin their approaches to Edgar Badía’s goal. The coach from Villarreal had opted for Gerard and Jackson as offensive references with Lo Celso and Yeremy as assistants.

And soon Villarreal got close to the goal and after eleven minutes ran into the green-and-white goalkeeper after a great combination between Gerard and Pedraza that the yellow winger turned into a dry shot that Badía managed to repel. Two minutes later, the second warning came. Jackson caught a rebound in the area and his threaded shot again found the agile goalkeeper from Elche to deny the first local goal.

Villarreal had already achieved absolute control of the game while Elche defended itself and had serious problems in overcoming midfield. The yellows continued to close in on their target. Gerard ran into Badía again, who this time sent the striker’s low shot to a corner. He himself scored in the 22nd minute but the referee annulled the goal due to a clear offside by the yellow striker.

But Badía could no longer do shortly after. Kiko Feminia He put in a perfect cross that Gerard finished off acrobatically. The goalkeeper still had the reflexes to stop the shot but the ball was caught by the striker to do justice in a clear yellow match.

And he had it even more in the 35th minute when Parejo hit a pass to find Jackson. The striker held on and assisted Lo Celso so that the Argentine hooked a cross shot to the Elche goal squad to beat Badía again. The match already seemed very decided for Villarreal with two goals ahead and against a rival that showed no signs of life and that needed to reach the break to try to change the course of it.

Going into the second half, Emery put Morales on the field to take advantage of his speed instead of Jackson, who had offered a good level but had also seen a yellow card for protesting. Francisco, in Elche, tried to provide a little more presence in midfield with Gumbau.

Morales’ blow

Villarreal took it more calmly, aware of their superiority against an Elche that tried a little more but was unable to reach the goal of a Rulli who watched the game almost like another spectator. On the other hand, Emery’s men took advantage of any opportunity to put Pedraza and Morales to run to set foot again in the Elche area in search of the third.

After the halfway point in the second half, Emery began to think about his debut in the Conference League next Thursday and gave Chukwueze and Baena minutes to rest Yeremy and Gerard.

The Nigerian had a very clear opportunity to make it 3-0 after one of his classic drives that ended with a shot that touched a defender and went just past the visiting goal post. Clearer was the one he had capoue five minutes from the end after another gallop by Morales that left him alone against Badía. The franjiverde goal deflected his shot to avoid the third yellow goal. He couldn’t do the same with Coquelin’s shot after an assist from Chukwueze which served to make it 3-0. It was not the last since Morales, the best in the second half, still had time to leave his mark with the fourth.

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