Valencia squeezes life with Carlos Soler

How could Valencia be without Carlos Soler It is a question that torments Valencianism. Nobody wants to imagine it, eager for the market to close and the midfielder to be trapped in Mestalla for at least one more year. Against Girona it was clear why. With bursts of influence in the game, his figure from set pieces is indisputable. Just like a year ago, he pushed Valencia to a victorious debut from the penalty spot, a streak that has not stopped.

Soler is one of the leaders he has in the air Gattuso, who had to end up giving up on him in a somewhat placid debut. He saw his team go along with the plan in the first half, but everything went wrong in the blink of an eye.

In Mestalla, with 39,359 souls enduring the suffocating heat, the Valencia It was growing as the minutes passed. It is what a team that is too young for the weight of the shield needs, without its captain due to a sanction and with the handle in the hands of Guillamón and Soler himself. To them, aided by Yunus’s lung, he has entrusted them to knead the game. And they did it with the intention of looking especially Castillejo Already Samuel Lino, the spark of speed that complicated Francisco’s defenders. Pure power with little control, he was able to test Juan Carlos and to associate with Hugo Hard to bother a more timorous Girona that tried to run behind the Valencian defense without demanding mamardashvili.

Valencia picked up speed facing the break when Figueroa Vazquez He signaled a penalty for the hands of Valery in the barrier of a foul. Then the figure of Carlos Soler emerged at the penalty spot to draw the mirage that the game would placidly incline. Something that didn’t happen.

Expulsion of Cömert

An entry of Comert to the ankle of Sam Diaz revolutionized dueling. Expulsion, nerves on the surface and the need to protect the marker. Gattuso resigned, reprimanded by the referee with a yellow card, to his system to protect the first victory. He underpinned defense and rehearsed what life would be like without Soler, later entrusting that work to Nico González. Maybe that’s why the Galician came. Even Maxi Gomez, with a foot in Turkey, was necessary to stop a rival that Francisco also revolutionized. To field Stuani, yangel herrera and lungs. Valencia had no choice but to cloud the game and take their rival to their trap to protect three points that they tied with faith.

Real victory with a goal by Kubo

Good message also sent the Real society and especially Take Kubo. The Japanese has shaken off two gray seasons with a goal at the Nuevo Mirandilla de Cádiz in the first shot on goal of the season. 48 had to miss last season to be able to celebrate the first goal. The dose of confidence was taken by him in the 25th minute, taking advantage of a telegraphed pass from Mikel Merino, but Real handcuffed a hesitant Cádiz. The locals started wanting to scare with an escape from ‘Choco’ Lozano although they soon fell into the realistic trap, which without pause was hovering around Ledesma’s goal. He was able to tie Cádiz with a shot from Fali with Remiro defeated, but the omnipresent Merino appeared to avoid the goal. The blow left the people of Cadiz on the canvas and they did not get up.

La Real continued to dominate without suffering before the timid attacks of a stunned Cádiz. So much so that she was able to extend her advantage if Ledesma would not have appeared to avoid two clear chances of Cho.

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