Valencia, Seville And Villarreal Issue A Joint Statement To Condemn “serious Contempt” By Luis

Valencia, Villarreal Y Seville They have issued a joint statement to condemn the “serious contempt” that they understand emerges from a WhatsApp conversation of the president of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, revealed this Tuesday by El Confidencial. In it, Rubiales comments with relatives during the Real Madrid-Seville January 2020 “Let’s see if we brush the basin, I don’t like them. They are the second team that I like the worst”, to add later: “in order Villarreal, Seville and Valencia”. That match was lost by Sevilla 2-1 and the VAR annulled with both De Jong. “They will be fining me for the VAR,” the president commented on this fact, according to the digital newspaper.

The three clubs have jointly expressed their condemnation of the “alleged statements” by Luis Rubiales “before the serious contempt of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation towards our clubs” and have demanded a rectification and that he ask for “public apologies”.

“The conversations in which he speaks with such grievance, animosity and arrogance towards the three institutions are unacceptable coming from a person who holds a position of such responsibility and who must equally look after the interests of all Spanish football clubs”.

The three entities condemn “the slight and lack of respect” towards the entities and, “above all, the feeling of their hobbies”, but they go further and show their “maximum concern for the possible consequences that their attitude towards our clubs, as their behavior does not contribute to the competition transparency.

Valencia complaint

On the same days that this conversation between Rubiales and his relatives took place, Valencia had a controversy with the Federation on account of the Super Cup that, for the first time in that year, it was played in Arabia and that each participating club was attributed a different cache as “commercial compensation”.

The club, as Cup champion, was opposed to the modification of the format and, above all, to the economic conditions that guaranteed it a fixed amount of 1.7 million (which it has not yet received in 2022) compared to 6.8 million from Real Madrid and Barcelona and 4.8 from Atlético. Valencia went without signing the contract and ended up taking it to Madrid Commercial Court number 2 at the end of January.

The pandemic and the Federation’s delays in providing the documentation required by the court have caused it to be forced to pay the costs for lengthening the process unnecessarily.

On October 3, Valencia formalized the lawsuit against the RFEF for a “unequal and arbitrary economic distribution”.

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