Valencia Dances Against Celta In Cavani’s Debut

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This is settling Valencia not to run away from the ball but to knead it with 450 passes waiting for the moment of inspiration to unbalance the duels that he will always seek with the audacity of someone who has nothing to lose. That feeling is what he has managed to install Gattuso on your players. Boldness, daring and freedom. The broad shoulders of the Italian are capable of supporting the weight of a historic stadium that, of course, purrs when the team gets stuck at the start and does not go around the goal, but that accelerates in the three quarters sees it spark. And before him Celtic found a way to shine [Narración y estadísticas]

The enthusiasm of the debut of the last idol, of the expected Edison Cavaniovershadowed the fact that Valencia took 25 minutes to find Celta’s three sticks, and they did Diakhaby driving a corner kick to the base of the right post of Marchesin. However, by then they had already known how to get out of Coudet’s high pressure and two errors of Comertone blocking Larssen in the area and another causing a foul on the line with which Aspas forced to show off mamardashvili. The Valencians showed the ability to cut power against the Galicians and win possession of the ball with a core that has to be a mixture of lung, daring and quality. Celta wanted to drown Guillamonto whom Gattuso has given gallons to support and give way to the game, but he was counting on two open hooks coming out to his aid and looking at the area like Ilaix Moribaspanning field, and a Almeidastill shy, he gave flashes.

So it was just a matter of turning on the light in the area and the switch is always on the risers. Captain Gaya, immense in defense and lethal in attack, launched several attempts in search of Cavani, as well as Correia on the other side of the field until rabona. But the electricity in this Valencia comes from the boots of the Samus. Lino started peeling off Beltranclipping to Aido and putting together a shot that Marchesin touched so that Castillejo I will chase him to the far post.

The injection activated the Valencianists, who celebrated the first occasion, and the only one, that Cavani looked for the three sticks taking advantage of a Gayà center. He wanted the captain to welcome the Uruguayan, who played trantran.

Expulsion in Celta

An uncomfortable Celta did not react in the second half, which started with a trip from Aidoo to Lino that Gonzalez Strong He did not see a penalty despite the contact. The referee did not hesitate to expel cervithus steepening the path of the Galicians to the tie, which brushed it very closely with a Larssen’s header before which the extraordinary Mamardashvili flew. Coudet and Gattuso restructured their elevens, but it only had an effect on Valencia. Gayà tried again, unleashed in attack by the Italian coach, and even Almeida dared to launch Kluivert, who entered through Castillejo, to plant himself in the area and launch a left-footed shot in which the Celtiña goalkeeper shone. They were lost and in Mestalla you could smell it.

That is why Valencia turned to look for the second one that triggers scares and, fighting to the heart of the area, Gayà gave it to Marcos Andre to celebrate with a little dance to the camera. But it is not Vini Jr or Neymar and the stands of him danced with him. With the duel broken and the result in his pocket, as if from a trailer of what is to come, Guillamón faked a shot on the edge but ended up filtering a pass that left only Almeida to round off the scoring and Gattuso to set off for his visit to Peter Lim with his homework done.

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