United want to make Casemiro the fourth highest paid in the Premier thumbnail

United want to make Casemiro the fourth highest paid in the Premier

The Man Utd is willing to throw the house out the window to sign Casemiro. The Brazilian already has the proposal of the Red Devils on the table and is weighing what decision to make, whether to continue in Madrid, where he has a contract until 2025 and is a fundamental piece, or fly to the premier league to come to the rescue of the club Old Trafford.

The serious sports crisis in which the team of Erik Ten Hagred lantern English league with two defeats in the first two days, force the leaders of the United has desperately gone to the transfer market and now the great objective is none other than casemir, for which they are willing to offer up to 80 million euros to Real Madrid.

The Man Utd He wants to convince the Brazilian as soon as possible and is trying to seduce him with an astronomical salary. According to the journalist Tancredi Palmerithe Red Devils They offer him a five-year contract at a rate of 18 million euros net per season.

In case of accepting and heading to Old Trafford, Casemiro would become the fourth highest paid player in the entire Premier League second only to Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah.


Real Madrid data with and without Casemiro

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