UEFA studies applying harsh sanctions to Barcelona for breaching the financial ‘Fair play’

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Barça’s accounts can give him a serious upset with a view to next season. UEFA is investigating both the Barça entity and 20 other European clubs, including the Juventus, Roma, Inter, Arsenal, Olympique de Marseille and PSGdue to non-compliance with the regulations of the fair play financial in the 2020-21 season. The end of that campaign, started with Joseph Maria Bartomeu at the head of the entity and finished with Joan Laporta at the helm of the club, after elections that took place in March 2021, meant some losses of 481 million euros, according to the numbers presented by the incoming board. A figure that, in turn, almost multiplied by five the losses of 97 million euros presented as the final balance of a 2019-20 season marked by the pandemic.

According to the British newspaper The Times, Barça, Juventus, Roma and Inter Milan are the four clubs that face the most serious consequences as a result of the investigation carried out by UEFA. LThe four entities, in this case, could be left out of the competitions organized by the highest body in European football or see their possibilities of carrying out transfers and closing other operations limited.

Of the four, both the Barcelona entity and the old lady still maintain a pulse with the body chaired by the Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin after the attempt to create the Super League. Inter, meanwhile, despite being part of the initial group of founders of this new tournament, left it on April 21, 2021, two days after it was announced. And the same thing happened in the case of Arsenal, another of the investigated clubs whose name has leaked to the media.

New measures

UEFA currently only allows losses of 30 million euros to be accumulated over three years. Some figures that became more flexible after the outbreak of the pandemic and that can also be offset by the investments made both at the youth level and in women’s football. As of this 2022-23 season, on the other hand, this deviation may increase to 60 million euros, although, on the other handmore serious measures will be implemented to ensure that clubs’ spending on player salaries and associated payments, such as agent commissions, does not in any case exceed the limit of 70% of their income in 2025. Although, yes, progressively. Thus, for this campaign, 90% will still be tolerated, which will drop to 80% for 2023-24 and will finally be established at 70% with a view to 2024-25.

In the Barça club, meanwhile, the alarms have not yet been unleashed. The argument is that, although the numbers have been requested, there is no evidence that any file has yet been opened. A file whose final resolution, on the other hand, could take several months. The pulse that is maintained with UEFA, with the Super League as a backdrop, however, may not be exactly the most propitious scenario for the highest body in European football to consider being magnanimous with its possible sanctions.

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