Turrientes’s “dream” goes for his father thumbnail

Turrientes’s “dream” goes for his father

Beñat Turrientes (Beasain, 2002) has the face of a child that corresponds to his age, 19 years. In January it will turn 20. The calendar consumes pages at the relentless speed at which time advances and the children of the 21st century are already here. Ander Barrenetxea (Donostia, 2001) flags the soccer players born in this century but Turrientes is the first youth squad from Zubieta born in 2002 that debuts in the Real. Navarrese and Valera they had already done it and Karrikaburu it can be the following.

The 83 minutes that beasaindarra played, the first of many at Real, Turrientes He described them on his Instagram account as “the dream of any txuri urdin. Happy.” If anyone can appropriate the status of txuri urdin, it is a footballer like Beasain, a blue and white by birth since he has toured all the lower teams of the club. He arrived in Zubieta at the age of 12, in Infantil Txiki in 2014, and seven years later he appears in the first team, with an undoubted vocation to stay. Beyond the fact that its debut against Elche could have something of a conjunctural, due to the losses, it has been two years since the Real gave the renewal from his contract until 2025 the condition of media. It is from the players called to arrive. International U21 Since the last call, he also played the U-17 World Cup two years ago in Brazil.

The last two years have not been easy for Turrientes since he has always ridden between the Real C or the Sanse and, in fact, last season, as a result of an administrative error, he could not play in the subsidiary until January and barely accumulated 15 games under the command of Xabi Alonso. In july 2020, received the fattest stick that life has given him to date since passed away his aita, Robert, which was part of the historical Beasain that rose from Regional Preference to Second B at the beginning of the 90s. How could it be otherwise, Beñat, after making his debut against Elche, remembered him. “This is for you, aita.”

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