Tribute to Jesus Bilbao, Williams record thumbnail

Tribute to Jesus Bilbao, Williams record

Athletic extends beyond Lezama. Many technicians work for the club from different Biscayan and Basque towns. Last Wednesday he was honored Jesus Bilbao, who died on March 31, by the Peña Galdames and the rojiblanco club itself.

A reference in Enkarterri’s MiniLezama as a technician and, above all, as a great person. Goian bego!

It has merit, much merit, what has been achieved by Iñaki Williams. 204 consecutive league games played. The never seen. Complicated for a striker. No injuries, no penalties. Always counting on the confidence of the technician on duty.

Someone should now tell the lion that Messi He was 19 days in a row watching the door. New challenge?

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