Thrust to Ajax: Now they denounce a player for violation thumbnail

Thrust to Ajax: Now they denounce a player for violation

At Ajax There is no day without a bomb. After the serious accusations of abuse that a group of women made about Marc Overmarsas a result of which the club’s sports director left his position, this Thursday we woke up with another unpleasant news of similar or worse characteristics.

The popular Dutch presenter Dennis Schouten assured on the ‘Roddel Talk’ program that he has been in contact with a nineteen-year-old woman who claims to have been raped six months ago by Donny Warmerdam, a 20-year-old Ajax youth squad player who has not yet debuted with the first team. The girl would have filed a complaint yesterday after they convinced her to do so.

“A girl told me she was raped by him at a party six months ago,” Schouten said on the show. “She reported it to the police today (yesterday) and also made an appointment to file a report.” it is about a woman with whom he himself went on a date after meeting her ‘via the internet’ and talking to her at her home.

Schouten tells the story as he heard it from the woman. “She was at a party in Voorhout and he was there too. She thought he was a good boy. They kissed, after which he dragged her upstairs. She wanted more. She clearly said ‘no’ but he ripped her pants in pieces, I saw pictures of it. Then he did the act with her. After about three minutes, he ran away and left the party.”

“I asked her if she had any proof. She’s had texts from people who saw her walk out crying and asked what happened.” The woman would have decided to report after all. “From what I’ve seen, the photos and the messages, the declaration has a good chance of success, let me put it this way,” she said.


After the Overmars thing, they now denounce an Ajax player for rape

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