This is how Xavi’s famous painting works thumbnail

This is how Xavi’s famous painting works

The famous “painting” of which he speaks Xavi in the press conferences he is taking over the center of the field of the Barca. It is an option that the Barça coach has implemented, which he already used in Qatar and gave him very good results. Normally, in positional play, a diamond is formed in the center of the field to gain superiority four against three, with the full-back going inside, as has always been done if you play with open wingers, who already went outside. That sucks in grassroots football Barca and other technicians trained in the Barça school have imported it, such as Guardiola at Bayern and now at City.

In the case of Xavi He prefers a mobile square and at different heights so that the passing lanes are not covered. Against Atletico Madrid, Daniel Alves stood next to Sergio Busquets. If someone is above Badia’s, the Brazilian is offered as an alternative. He has a good foot, judgment and understands the game and is a good solution for the ball from behind.

In addition, it also means one more midfielder to steal higher when the ball is lost. As seen in Alba’s first goal. Adama lost a ball, but ended up falling to Alves, who was accompanying in the center of the field and from there the tie was born. Barca (1-1) against the mattresses.

Xavi’s square

Hugo Navarro

On the other hand, the square of Xavi It also allows you to gain superiority if the rival matches you in the center of the field with four players. Having a false extreme like Gaviwho enters inside to let it be Jordi Alba going outside also creates another superiority, in this case five against four. Or on many occasions it is the false nine, as Fernando Torreswho is offered within the same square when the team is already in the opposite field.

On the other hand, when Daniel Alves enters inside, the defense swings to play three and Araujo covers the Brazilian on the right.

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