This is how the Sheriff, Real Madrid’s rival plays thumbnail

This is how the Sheriff, Real Madrid’s rival plays

It is undoubtedly one of the most stimulating teams of this edition of the Champions League. The Sheriff, particularities apart such as the fact of playing the league of Moldova considering itself the Transnistria in which an independent region of that country plays (not officially recognized), it is a set that requires a magnifying glass and analysis because of course it is not one more in the competition. More if possible considering that his game plan in the Champions It is far and away from what it does when it disputes (and usually wins) its domestic league.

In other words, the first thing to note when explaining how the game plays Sheriff is that the one of the Champions It has nothing to do with that of the Moldavian league. Far from a dominant football being lord and master of the possession of the ball against teams such as strangers Zimbru Chisinau, Floresti or Balti, in the maximum continental competition the Sheriff he is committed to minimizing defensive errors, maintaining tactical order as much as possible, and making use of direct counterattack when possible. This is how he played two weeks ago against him Shakhtar and also in the previous phase against the Dinamo Zagreb, and things did not go bad at all when they won 2-0 against the Ukrainians and endorsed a 3-0 and reap a 0-0 against the Croats. Wow, in none of the three games he conceded a goal despite the fact that the initiative in the game was always led by the rival accumulating more than 70% of the possession. But it should be noted that although he did not have the ball, he did have quick arrivals to the area with which to catch the player off guard. Shakhtar.

As for names, it is very curious that it has a Christian and with a Adama Traoré but neither one nor the other are the footballers one thinks of in football terms. Cristiano is the left back, and against him Shakhtar played a great game of anthology and Adama Traoré Yes, he is extreme and has a goal as he made clear both against the Ukrainian team and previously against him Dinamo Zagreb. Other names to highlight are that of the Colombian striker Frank Castañeda and the midfielder Edmund addo. All of them dream of giving the bell this Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabéu. It does not seem easy at all, but the Sheriff he hopes to impose his law against Real Madrid.



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