This is how the fight to go to the World Cup is thumbnail

This is how the fight to go to the World Cup is

The time has come. At last it will be known which European teams are classified directly for the World Cup and which are going to the play-offs. Germany and Denmark have already secured their presence in the Qatar World Cup 2022. They were the first teams to do so, apart from the host, Qatar. that he is ex officio.

The rest of the teams from the old continent have two days left to seal their future. The first of each group go directly to the World Cup, the second to the play-offs.

Seven teams know that they will be first or second: Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland. Thirteen can pass directly: Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, Albania, Bosnia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Wales.

Decisive Portugal-Serbia

In group A, Serbia is the leader, with one point more than Portugal, but also with one more match. Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates face Ireland this Thursday in the penultimate and Serbia in Lisbon on Sunday in the last (with first place and second at stake).

Sweden, ahead of Spain

In group B, Sweden is the leader, with 15 points. It is followed by Spain, with 13. Sweden and Spain will meet on the last day, on Sunday in Seville. Greece has 9. In the penultimate, on Thursday, Greece-Spain and Georgia-Sweden.

Crucial Italy-Switzerland

In C, Italy, the current European champions, is leading on goal difference tied on points with Switzerland. On the penultimate day, this Friday, a crucial Italy-Switzerland is played. In the last one, on Monday, Northern Ireland-Italy and Switzerland-Bulgaria.

France, leading the D

With one game less, France is the leader in Group D, with 3 points more than Ukraine, 4 more than Finland and 5 more than Bosnia. In the penultimate day, this Saturday, Bosnia-Finland and France-Kazakhstan. In the last one, on Tuesday 16, Bosnia-Ukraine and Finland-France.

Belgium, virtually ranked

In the E, Belgium, 3rd in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is virtually in the final phase of Qatar 2022, with 16 points. Czech Republic and Wales have 8. On Saturday, on the penultimate round: Belgium-Estonia and Wales-Belarus. Group E will close on Tuesday 16 with the Czech Republic-Estonia and Wales-Belarus.

Scotland, close to the play-off

In the F, Denmark, with full triumphs, has already qualified for the Qatar World Cup in 2022 and Andy Robertson’s Scotland is the great candidate for the play-off (they have 4 points more than Israel, the other team with options). Scotland must visit Moldova on Friday and receive Denmark on Monday 15. Israel, for its part, visits Austria and receives the Faroe Islands.

Depay and the De Jong, in an even group

In group G there are 3 teams fighting for the first place and the direct pass to the World Cup: Netherlands (19 points, in the last 2 days Memphis Depay, Frenkie and Luuk de Jong, Virgil van Dijk and their teammates will visit on Saturday Montenegro and they will host Norway on Tuesday), Norway (17, will face Latvia and the ‘oranje’) and Turkey (15, wait for Gibraltar and visit Montenegro).

Between Russia and Croatia

In group H. Russia (19 points) and Croatia (17) are played for first place and second in the final 2 days. In the penultimate, this Thursday, Russia-Cyprus and Malta-Croatia. In the last one, the decisive and dramatic Sunday Croatia-Russia.

England, Poland and Albania

In the I, England (20 points and runner-up in Europe) made life difficult when they drew against Hungary (1-1), giving life to Poland (17) and Albania (15). All 3 have mathematical options to be first. On the penultimate round, this Friday, Andorra-Poland and England-Albania. In the last one, on Monday 15, Albania-Andorra, Poland-Hungary and San Marino-England.

Germany already has its ticket

In group J Germany is already classified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The other 4 teams have repechage options: Romania, 13 points; North Macedonia and Armenia, 12; to a lesser extent, Iceland, 8. On the penultimate day, this Thursday, Armenia-North Macedonia and Romania-Iceland. In the last one, on Sunday, Armenia-Germany, Liechtenstein-Romania and North Macedonia-Iceland.

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