The young people of the Barça demand an alternative message thumbnail

The young people of the Barça demand an alternative message

Much of the magic of soccer lies in its ability to produce rematches and redemptions. It is the changing nature of his emotions, always on the edge of the extreme, that encourages mystery and fascination. It is just as capricious to put an end to happiness and sadness, without prior notice or guarantee of continuity. When this happens, your agitation is easier to feel than to explain. In that is the Barça.

After several weeks of discouragement and anger, Barça played well against Levante. He won with unprecedented ease for the times that run in the team. This time, Levante did not resemble the team that has tormented them so many times. It is not known if his docility invited the excellent Barça game or the other way around.

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Whatever the reason, Barça denied that they are forced to play badly, a premise that has been installed for no reason. He recalled the solvent team that defeated Real Sociedad 4-2 in the first match of the championship, hours after Messi’s abrupt departure from the club, amid the worst omens, confirmed later, but not in that match against another rival. how competent.

Barça wasted its initial impulse to build the story it needed. There is no one in football, least of all its fans, who is not aware of the misfortunes that afflict them. Almost all of them are known and not even the most optimistic fans expect a champion Barça. In the midst of the current hardships, they do yearn for a well-laid regeneration, both in club and in team. They do not want more of the same that they have endured in the last two years: opacity, disagreement, conflict and disappointment.

That victory against Real Sociedad is not remembered because it was buried in the successive disasters of Barça, in the field and outside the walls. They preferred to air out tensions and erode confidence in the team, subject to a radical decrease in the degree of self-esteem. Noise was preferred to calm, confrontation to agreement, and alibis to conviction. Barça has lacked a clear and unifying speech, essential to go through the crisis it supports.

The victory against Levante returns him to the position he occupied after defeating Real Sociedad. It does not save you from the problems that plague you, but it offers you the opportunity to repair the continuous mistakes that have been made in recent weeks. The match with Levante denied, for example, a mantra of the last decade: the football insolvency of its quarry.

Seven players, some veterans like Piqué and Busquets, and other teenagers, like Gavi (17 years old), appeared in the starting team, whose main merit was to resemble what is expected of Barça. He had identity, resources and nerve. The stellar reappearance of Ansu Fati crowned the game and raised the emotional temperature at the Camp Nou to a boiling degree. Ansu Fati maintains the angel that accompanied him on his first advent, when, without turning 17, he excited Barcelona fans. In the second, after four operations and 10 months of absence, it took a moment to score a goal and summon the happiness of Barcelona.

Barça recovers the possibility of constructing a seductive narrative: a young team, without acquired vices, vulnerable without a doubt, but with the kind of commitment and criteria that hook people. It will work if it finds shelter in the club, if Barça is able to replace its current empty message with a convincing speech. It is the kind of opportunity that football usually offers to go from lament to illusion. Either that, or more noise and agony.

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