The VAR Stops Villarreal

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Villarreal leaves Getafe hidden. Not so much because of the result, which adds a point to both teams, but because of the development of the last minutes, in which the referee Figueroa Vázquez awarded a penalty for handball in 97 in favor of Villarrealalthough it was retracted after the review of the VAR, causing the incomprehension of those of Emerywho took a few yellow cards on the way, and adding the first point to a very willing Getafe although overcome in phases.

With the game times, waves and phases very well defined, the first part oscillated between a natural desire of Villarreal to dominate the game and an impetuous midfield power of a Getafe that, far from backing down, tickled Villarreal both inside whatever, pray through construction, pray with An I Y For your through.

Lo Celso wanted to make vertical axis with Equal, and almost never came out. Same fate happened with Jeremy or with Morales that, although they had learned the theory by heart, in practice the forcefulness of Djené and the aid of Duarte Y Gaston they disrupted the exterior and lateral attempts.

Gerard added points to Villarreal’s exercise assessment. The Catalan, if he doesn’t see the balls arrive, he goes to look for them to distribute them himself. This improved in creation and in the reduction of the Azulona speed, which began to find comfort in the three quarters of the visiting zone.

By contrast, Foreman I couldn’t find the key to unsettle Villarreal or Rulliand as Villarreal took a step forward, Getafe took it backwards and, with the coherence that logic supposes, when Getafe did the same, Villarreal also did the same.

Everything became a waltz piece with countertemposexcept for the fact that no one grabbed the left-handed shoulder of the person in front of them with their right arm – otherwise, the referee indicated a foul -, but they did seem to engage in a solid rhythm but by no means headless.


Nearing the end of the first 45, Villarreal had it with Gerard who, after trying to be the hitch, tried his luck from a distance in a leather destroyed by Sorialocal goal, which was firm when it came to him by trade.

The second half began with the same trend, although the bitter touch increased with the injury to the knee of Foythwhich fell on her after an aerial struggle, having to be replaced by femininity in a triple change in which Yeremy and Morales also left for Chukwueze Y Nico. Shortly after, they did the same Alex Baena Y Coquelin by Lo Celso and Parejo and, although Getafe was seen to stand out on the counterattack, Villarreal contained that inertia with combined play and few losses in construction, although without opportunities in either of the two areas, although the entry of the again shook the hornet’s nest a little.

Álex Baena, shortly after entering, picked up a good assist for a free shot on goal, but with a header. In the effort to jump after the center, Baena lost camber and strong finishing ability, leaving Soria with a dangerous but manageable leather for the blue goalkeeper. A few minutes later, Chukwueze would also face the goal after a great cross from an active stone who reached the bottom line to give it to Samu at the mouth of the area.

However, the Villarreal attacker bit him, causing the leather to bounce placidly before the stretch of a Soria who held Getafe at ten from the end.

The referee added 8 minutes when reaching 90 minutes to adjust the times, at which time the vicissitude of a penalty occurred that was not, according to the referee and the VAR, due to observing that the ball hits Mauro in the face, and not in the armsnatching Villarreal the chance to score and ending a game with controversy and few chances.

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