The RFEF Requests Five Million For Arbitration In The Women’s League

As we have been telling you in the Sports World, the conflict of the non-community women of the new Women’s Professional League has been resolved; There are two issues that must be resolved in the coming days before the start of the new competition: the cost of arbitration and the new Competition Committee for the category.

As we also told last Friday, from today Monday it is expected that the three parties involved will be seen to try to reach an agreement: RFEF, LPFF and the CSD itself.

Starting with the capital issue of the cost of arbitration. Cost where the proposal that the Spanish Football Federation has put on the table is 21,000 euros per game. Amounts similar to those paid by clubs in the men’s First Division. A money that always pays the team that plays at home. This implies that each of the 16 clubs in the Women’s Professional League should pay a total of 315,000 euros for the season, which corresponds to the 15 days that they will play at home in this 2022-2023 season. Money that, added by the 16 clubs of the First Division, represents a total of 5,040,000 million euros. Amount that coincides with the one precisely paid by the CSD to the LPFF in this first season.

Almost seven times more than the arbitration cost of the 2021-2022 season

These amounts are far from what is considered by the clubs that last season paid 3,300 euros per game. Considering that there were also 16 teams in the category, it means that each club has paid a total of 49,500 euros in this season that has just ended. Which means that it is 792,000 euros what arbitration has cost the sixteen teams that have played in the Women’s First Division this past 2021-2022 season.

In the 2020-2021 season they paid a total of 21,000 euros, which is now requested per game

Comparatively speaking, and in accordance with what the RFEF requests, each club would end up paying in this first season as a professional almost seven times more than the last as an amateur competition and where there was already a considerable increase in this matter compared to 2020-2021 where each arbitration amounted to 1400 euros per match. That is, less than half of what they have paid in their last season as a non-professional competition. In global terms, the 2020-2021 season cost each club just 21,000 euros. In other words, what is requested now for a single encounter. In global terms they were 336,000 euros.

The parties have five days ahead of them to try to solve this matter, although from the CSD they are clear that it will act in a timely manner so that the league begins with all the uncertainties resolved, making use of its powers and competences.

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