The Return Of Sampaoli: Rock For Sevilla

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Sevilla was returning from Germany on a charter. The 1-1 against Borussia Dortmund had been the return of jorge sampaoli (Casilda, Santa Fe, Argentina; 1960) to the Champions League defending the Sevilla shield. Jorge went to the bathroom and when trying to get back into his seat, he found a cabin crew member occupying the aisle with the food and drink cart. Sampaoli grew impatient. The flight was full. Tired of waiting, Sampaoli leaned on the woman’s shoulder, climbed on one of the armrests, and avoided the obstacle by walking like a tightrope walker along the edge of the seats. “To problems, solutions,” he said smiling at the stewardess. “Look, I’ve been flying, because I’ve never seen anything like this,” she replied.

Sevilla has signed temperament. The results do not shine yet, but the game is already outrageous, intense and festive. The festival was set up in one day, all that remains is for the lanterns to be lit.

«I believe in those afternoons that I lived playing ball. I think that educating is fighting and silence is not my language”, he sings Patrick Fontanet, leader of the Argentine street gang. While still coach of Sevilla, at Christmas 2016, Jorge Sampaoli went to visit him in the Ezeiza prison. “The value that he has is shown in the fact that the strength that he has on stage is now in this unfair reality that he has to live. He doesn’t want anyone to give him anything. He does not want to be different from the other inmates », he said upon leaving the prison. Inside him he left his friend. Of his lyrics he has a tattoo on his body. “Music does not kill”, he has written in ink on his arm. He always maintained the innocence of the musicians in the tragedy that changed rock in his country.

Pato Fontanet left the prison two years later. He had been sentenced to seven years for the fire that occurred on December 30, 2004 in the Cro-Magnon Republic room. During a concert by his group, a spectator threw a flare, which set a flammable plastic cloth hanging from the ceiling on fire. 194 people died and more than a thousand were injured. 21 people were found guilty and 18 of them went to jail, including all the members of the gang. Fontanet, having served two-thirds of his sentence, was paroled. It was the eve of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. His close friend, Jorge, Zurdo Sampaoli, was already the technical director of the Argentine team. Things did not go well that summer. His country was eliminated in the round of 16 by France in a hectic match. The rock was still playing. Character continued to lead. Football was shown in all its fierceness.

“The Ideal Candidate”

It is impossible to understand the coach Sampaoli without the troublemaker Sampaoli. His football is a state of mind. In his training there are more chords than cones, more distortion than balls. «He was the ideal candidate to be able to achieve the objectives, even knowing that it is a squad that is not made for him. He asked us for hours to analyze it and as we know it, it has not been difficult », he said Monchi in your presentation. With the Argentine the pause was not signed, but a necessary storm. The aim was to get Sevilla out of his self-absorption, from his corseted speech, from his inability to rage.

Julen Lopetegui It was another story, Julen sings rancheras in privacy. The Basque technician had over-pressed a block imprisoned by some automatisms that already went against the entertainment itself. «A new cycle begins, new illusions, a lot of expectations. But they are all related to the game. This is a game and you have to try to play better. The game is global. After the game, a lot of things happen », Sampaoli released in the locker room on the day of his presentation to the squad. A playful gymnastics. A sport where the muscle is governed by the heart and the heart is governed by the stands.

Casilda’s is a disconcerting coach. He started playing soccer in the lower Alumni. He combined sports with a tedious job as a teller at the Provincial Bank in his town. He was always a methodical guy, who took care of himself, rigorous with routines. With football ambition. A tibia fracture, when he was just 19 years old, ended his career. Unable to get away from football, he took refuge on the bench.

After directing Casilda’s Alumni for several years, in the early 2000s he went to Peru, where he gained experience. He then jumped to Chile, where he soon became an idol. Four consecutive titles with Universidad de Chile. So much local success led him directly to his selection, to The Red. Under his command they reached the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup and were crowned champions of the Copa América in 2015.

Hence the jump to Europe, with Sevilla, where he shone and dimmed in a sigh. The premature goodbye after the call from the albiceleste and then, an intense pilgrimage through Brazil and France, until this unexpected return to Andalusia.

“I do not listen and keep”

Despite the abrupt end, the taste left by the coach in Seville was sweet. Deeply funny. “I don’t listen and I follow” became a mantra for his fans. Another phrase from the band Callejeros that he wears on his skin. Gustavo, one of those lifelong friends of the technician, told Profile an anecdote that defines him: «It was the end of the 80s, I knew Jorge Valdano. Sampaoli asked me to organize a coffee with him, who at that time was triumphing at Real Madrid. The point is that we ended up having a barbecue in a field in Las Parejas. If you ask Valdano, he never forgets about that barbecue because he had Sampaoli sitting next to him for four hours, talking about football, asking questions and asking for advice».

In addition to rock, or through rock, Sampaoli follows the political life of his country closely. He went from Peronism to Kirchnerism. He never shies away from questions related to current affairs and has always been committed to education or inequality. During his previous stay in Spain, he admitted sympathizing with paul churches, then leader of Podemos. Sampaoli is an expansive coach. Soccer is just the skeleton of the hurricane. Sevilla has signed a rocker. The bench is your stage. Now it is the footballers who must play their songs

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