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The Referees Call Off The Strike

The F-League has reported this Wednesday that the arbitration group has accepted the proposal put forward after the agreement between the CDS and the RFEF, so they call off the strike and the women’s professional soccer competition will finally be held this coming weekend “after the shameful episode of day 1 and that should never have been allowed.” The Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) have reached an agreement for the professionalization of the refereeing establishment in women’s football.

On the one hand, the collegiate members will receive the 1,666 euros per meeting (amount that the LFPP has been offering since the beginning). In global terms, this means 25,000 euros, which corresponds to the 15 matches of the 30 that the season has, which are usually whistled by the 22 referees of the First division female professional. In global terms, it represents a cost of 550,000 euros for the salary of all the members.

On the other hand, the salary of the assistants will be €1,066 for each of the meetings that participate. Considering also these fifteen meetings that take part, the salary amounts to 16,000 euros. If we take into account that there are 32 attendees from the highest category of Spanish women’s football, this represents a total of 512,000 euros per season earmarked for the salary of all attendees.

Adding both items, the proposal goes through allocating 1,062,000 euros per season for the professionalization of the referees and assistants of the new women’s professional league. This means that there will be a day this weekend in the First Division. In addition, according to the RFEF, there is an agreement for six seasons where the CSD will contribute during the first three an amount of 350,000 extra euros per year which will go to an individualized mutual fund that the referees will be able to dispose of once their professional career is over.

The RFEF will contribute the same amount during the first three years to the LPFF Through the Coordination Agreement to be allocated entirely to the clubs to deal with the arbitrations of the competition.

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