The Reasons Why The Government Is Profiled And Does Not Enter The Rubiales Case

“If it’s true, it’s horrible, but we’ll see.” With these words, Joseph Manuel Franco said something more than he had hitherto said about the revelations about Luis Rubiales. The accusations made before the Prosecutor’s Office by the uncle and former chief of staff of the president of the Federation, Juan Rubialesconstitute a new turning point in a crisis in which the Higher Sports Council (CSD) does not change its position: wait for the completion of the judicial processes.

«I always apply the same: maximum respect for justice. We will see what happens in the future. Let’s see how everything turns out. The times of justice and the presumption of innocence must be respected, because the issue has already been judicialized, “Franco said, shortly after learning of the facts denounced by Juan Rubiales and revealed by ELMUNDO. “The institutions are above the people,” said the leader, and in this sense he reiterated that he will always respect the Federation, “regardless of who is in charge.” The Federation itself, through a statement, rejected the accusations made by Juan Rubiales.

schism in the CSD

Franco’s position is by delegation the position of the Government, although the continuous referral to the courts, either the Prosecutor’s Office or other courts in which various processes are instructed against the president of the Federation, has caused astonishment in other national federations and clubs . In the same way, they have opened a schism in the CSD itself, as Franco’s deputy disagrees with his position, Albert Soler. For the latter, it would have been more appropriate and responsible to send the case to the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD), as is done with many other files. There are presidents of national federations who consider the act a grievance. The “times of justice”, to which Franco referred yesterday, are usually very long.

The Secretary of State has been in favor of maintaining the equidistance in the football war, which has its two poles in Rubiales and the president of the League, Javier Thebeswhose organism kept, yesterday, a prudent silence.

the referees’ strike

One of the last episodes of that war has been the strike of referees, dependent on the Federation, which paralyzed the start of the women’s soccer league. The professionalization of the competition was one of the Government’s priorities, a fact that finally forced the CSD to call the parties to find an agreement and exhibit a new harmony with Luis Rubiales. The main referees will go from charging 300 to 1,666 euros per game starting this weekend. Luis Rubiales himself described the agreement as “historic”.

Two months after Spain goes to the World Cup in Qatar, and in the middle of the race to host the great tournament in 2030, Luis Rubiales will be in the foreground in the coming months without having been able to stop the accusations that increase the pressure on the Government but also about who makes them, in this case his uncle Juan, since he must accredit them.

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