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The reason for Dest’s inappropriate clothing on Messi’s goodbye day

Sunday August 8, 2021. Leo Messi, the greatest player in the history of FC Barcelona, bids farewell to the club and the fans in an emotional act at the Auditori 1899, attached to the Camp Nou. Nobody could imagine a surprising outcome four days in his negotiation to renew a contract that had already been consumed on June 30: the ’10’ was going to PSG for the economic problems of Barça. The entire football world was waiting for his public appearance. Despite being a festive and summery morning, all Barcelona fans were attentive. Everyone? No. A colleague of his was not aware of the appearance. Well, there were two anyway. But Ousmane Dembele I was injured and had an excuse. Sergio DestInstead, it was exposed.

The American winger was present, but dressed as an NBA player, specifically for the Bulls, in contrast to the elegant suit of Messi. It was not necessary to go in black tie, but man, in short sports pants and a tank top… Inappropriate is not enough. What happened?

Dest and his teammates, with Messi


Months later, the journalist Àlex López Vendrell explained what happened on the BTV program ‘La Porteria’. Indeed, destination He did not know that on that Sunday in which the Barça squad had rest, the Argentine was going to say goodbye in a public act. And he went to the beach. The first phone calls went unanswered, he would be soaking wet, of course, and when he finally answered it was already too late for him to come home to freshen up. The club went to look for him by car and brought him to the Camp Nou, where, perhaps with the saltpeter still on his skin, he was able to say goodbye to Messi with a hug.

Dest, at Leo Messi's farewell press conference

Dest, at Leo Messi’s farewell press conference

Pep Morata/MD

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