The pulse of the ‘caudillos’ of Madrid and City at the Etihad thumbnail

The pulse of the ‘caudillos’ of Madrid and City at the Etihad

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If there is something in which all the protagonists of this semifinal agree, it is in the fact of the weight that the leaders can have in the confrontation that, in a few hours, Manchester City and Real Madrid will play. He said that Carlo Ancelottiinsisted Pep Guardiola And till Faith Valverde He claimed that the young people of Madrid have their quota, which is not only a thing of the most veteran and hierarchical. The low and elusive tone of Sterling, on the previous day, had nothing to do with it. Madrid is stronger than City, that’s why the ‘citizens’ want to play and play until exhaustion.

In Madrid there are several leaders. Guardiola quoted them: Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Alaba, Casemiro… The last two, however, are in doubt due to their muscular problems, overcome in the case of Mendy. Everything indicates that Alaba may appear among the headlines at the Etihad, but hardly the Brazilian. If so, Ancelotti has two options, but they all go through the inclusion of Valverde.


If the Uruguayan acts in the center, Rodrygo could occupy the right band. If you place it at an angle, this could mean the incorporation of Camavinga in the place of the Brazilian. The second would be more in line with the team that played the first leg at Stamford Bridge, against Chelsea, with the aim of containing City and counterattacking.

“I feel more comfortable in the center, from where I can progress, because something is always lost on the flanks,” Valverde said. “It has cost me a lot of work to be there again, almost in the starting lineup, and I don’t want to lose it again”, added the Uruguayan, who claimed the role of the youngest: “I think we have also contributed and shown character in moments difficult”. Guardiola said that in Madrid there is a group of players who “do not burn the ball” when they lose 0-3. Valverde believes that they are more.

Casemiro is one of those leaders that Ancelotti may miss if his withdrawal is confirmed. They are, however, the rest. “At this point, my job is very easy, you don’t have to tell them anything,” said the Italian.


For Guardiola it is different. He has to say a lot of things to his team, because “we haven’t been like Madrid in these situations so many times”. City is a dizzying team, unstoppable with a tailwind, but brittle in situations like the ones they went through in the second half at the Metropolitano. Recovery of Ruben Days It is a relief for the coach, although it will be necessary to know what his real status is in a much more demanding duel than the one played against Watford, whom they thrashed on Saturday (5-1), after a string of worrying results.

The Portuguese centre-back was elected captain by the squad in his second year. The coaching staff also participates in the vote. He is the leader of Guardiola, who, however, does not reproduce that role by line as Madrid does (Alaba, Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, and Benzema). DeBruyne is their offensive leader, an unstable talent at times, and rodry, the pivot, is not distinguished by its temperament. To the City, therefore, it suits him that the ball rolls more than the emotions.

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