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The numbers that explain Barça’s decline

The tie of Balaídos, yielded when The five minutes of addition had already been covered with which in the second half the referee thanked Celta, he pushed Barça a little more towards the areas of the table furthest from the Champions League, but it was the continuation of a free fall that of moment finds no brake. The Atlético draw In Mestalla, he mitigated the devastating effects of the pothole a bit, although Real Sociedad and Real Madrid are a little further apart at the head of the standings.

With the point harvested in Vigo, Barça has 17 since the championship began, the second lowest score with twelve games played since victories are worth three points (1995-96). Only the 2002-03 League ‘surpasses’ him, that of the second stage of Van Gaal, in which Barça had one point less than now and was tenth (currently it is ninth). That season ended a narrow qualification for the UEFA Cup, which the following season would inspire the ‘Camí a Göteborg’.

The situation of Barça after twelve games in the last seasons

Roger guillamet

It is the last time Barça has been out of Champions. Now, when the imaginary line of the first third of the competition will be crossed the next day, the risk of it happening again is high. If you look at the situation of the last seasons on matchday 12, the decreasing line is evident: 24, 23, 20 and 17 points from the 2018-19 campaign, which was also the last that ended with the Barça title. And it corresponds also with a proportional drop in goals in favor.

Xavi, to the rescue

In this analysis, there are some precedents For optimism: in 1998-99, for example, Barça were sixth with 19 points on matchday 12. But they had not yet hit bottom. He reached it two days later, when they lost at home to Villarreal (1-3), the night of a hellish cloth at the Camp Nou. On the following day, Van Gaal was supposed to have an ultimatum. Barça won in Valladolid with a goal … from Xavi, who thus saved his coach. Xavi, then, back to the rescue but two days earlier. And that season it was won The league!

Barça’s streak, in any case, is to cry. 5 points in the last 6 games. Since they beat Levante (3-0) on matchday 7, Barça have only beaten Valencia (3-1) and in the last four days He has two points, those achieved with Sergi in two games against opponents in the lower zone. Away, three points and 0 victories in all of LaLiga

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