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The Mouths That Barça Can Cover

Barcelona has in the league of the present Champions a good opportunity to take revenge for the latest humiliations at the hands of Bayern. And, by the way, to cover mouths, because the reviews of the Bavarian team on the field have been accompanied by bravado and disrespect on the part of Bayern leaders and by one of their reference players: Thomas Müller, who together with Uli Hoeness , honorary president of the German club, leads the ranking of impertinence.

hoesness, what was in prison for tax fraudwhich led him to resign as president of Bayern in 2014, allowed himself the luxury of criticizing Barcelona at the start of talks for the signing of Lewandowski: “Barcelona is supposed to wants to sign Lewandowski when they had a debt of 1,300 million six months ago. They have to be artists. In Germany they would have already had to declare bankruptcy, but they are making million-dollar offers for a Bayern player, ”he said on June 24. Five days later, stated that the club The Catalan had nothing to do: “As things are in Munich, and from what I have heard in various conversations, Barcelona can save on new offers”, he stated on Sky Sports. Hearing problems for the former German tank?


Uli Hoeness

ABOUT THE BARÇA“David Alaba told me that his dream was to sign for Barça. I told him if he wanted to negotiate with the president or with the bankruptcy administrator”

Already in 2021, when Barça and Bayern were paired in the Champions League group stage, Hoeness had been especially aggressive: “Barcelona is no longer a model for us, not at all. Actually Barcelona is bankrupt. In Germany Barcelona would be a case for a judge responsible for insolvency”. And he went further: “David Alaba (recently signed by Madrid at that time) once told me: ‘my dream is still to play for Barcelona’. So I said: ‘do you want to negotiate with the president or with the insolvency administrator?”, Said the former player.

Müller, another loudmouth

A little less lacking, but equally motivated against Barça, Müller has also been prone to systematically underestimate the Barça team. “The Barça cannot face The intensity. Technically they have it all, great players, at a technical and tactical level. But they cannot compete in football at the highest level”, he said after Barça’s defeat in December 2021, in the Champions League, with Xavi already on the bench. In similar terms, he expressed himself after the 2-8 in the ‘final eight’ in Lisbon, in which he did not stop encouraging his teammates and demanding that they continue until the end, even after the last goals: “I congratulate our trainer sports. We had been warming up for ten minutes when Barça jumped onto the pitch to warm up”. He also stated that “this 2-8 was better than the 7-1 against Brazil in the World Cup”.


Müller, at Barça-Bayern last season

A year ago“Barça cannot face the intensity. Technically they have everything, but they can’t compete at the highest level.”

With 8 goals in 7 games in direct confrontations, Müller stated after the draw of Champions that “I love playing against Barça”. And, after the signing of Lewandowski, this phrase is attributed to him: “I wish Lewandowski good luck in Barcelona. Maybe instead of 8-2 they will now lose 7-2”.


Moment of the Barça-Bayern of Lisbon

after 2-8“It was better than the 7-1 win in the World Cup against Germany”

what he did do after the Champions League draw was to challenge the Polish striker on instagram: “Mister Lewangoalski, see you soon in Munich. A special challenge to play against Lewandowski and his new team”, he said in a video in which he recorded himself.

Rummenigge: “They are no longer an example”

Another that has not been cut is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who at the beginning of the eighties had options to sign for Barcelona. The club vice president Munich stated last April, on the economic problems of various European clubs, that “Bayern Munich has always had a reputation for being a virtuous and debt-free club, which never needed to ask for loans. You don’t have to take Barcelona as an example, Bayern have always financed the team seriously.”

And Oliver Kahn, current general director of Bayern, criticized Lewandowski after his decision to change the scene: “I can’t say why Robert chose this way of communicating his situation. Public statements like that get you nowhere. He should know what he has at Bayern. He became a world footballer here twice in a row”. However, he always predicted that he would fulfill his contract:“As for Robert, not much has changed. He has a contract until 2023 and we are looking forward to her showing up with us on the first day of training. Robert is weighing the options of Barça and others. But it is good to remember that he has a contract with Bayern and, this is very important, we are not worried, “he said shortly before the start of training. A fortune-teller would not be good for Oliver.

Finally, also Salihamidzic, sports director of the club, has exhibited rudeness, in his case referring to Lewandoski: “I don’t understand him. My father taught me that when you leave, you never close the door with your butt. Robert is on his way to get it. The way out of it is something that Bayern does not accept, ”said the Bosnian. At the Allianz Arena they are upset about the way the player left. “It is something that Bayern does not accept”, he affirmed. A anger that also extends to Laporta: “I will speak with Laporta when we see each other the next time”, assured the sports director of the German club. Well, tomorrow is the day, although the Barcelona president already referred to Bayern in statements during the tour of the United States.

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