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The miracle that flew over Villarreal

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I prefer that superb first half of Villarreal, which destroyed what they say is the best team in the world. Liverpool were swept, dwarfed and ridiculed by a wonderful yellow team. An amazing lesson, surprising by parI give you Emerywho has established himself as one of the best coaches in the world.

Klopp He couldn’t believe what was happening on the land of La Cerámica. Villarreal was a storm, absolutely superior, with a tactical disposition that drowned out Liverpool’s ball output. Thiago, fabinho Y kaita they were eliminated from midfield. You just had to see the desperation of Van Dijkwho did not understand anything, as if his team were a second in the Premier.

The dream seemed like it was more than just a dream. Until Liverpool appeared in the second phase as a devastating machine, absolutely unstoppable for the fatigue of a Villarreal who had given too much in an unforgettable first phase for the history of the yellow team.

It would have been worth hearing the anger, the Teutonic arrogance of Klopp in the locker room, at the ridicule that his team had made. Although he made them change the face of the reds. To begin with, he sent to the locker room Diogo Jotawhich had been a disaster. The new” louis diaz Liverpool’s offensive fire changed. A nightmare for the veteran Albiolfor a disappeared Pau and a Rulli hysterical, guilty of the three goals his team received.

Liverpool was ruthless. Eleven demons behind a ball, until leaving Villarreal on the canvas and ruthlessly knocked out. Emery he’s a master, but he also had his gross mistakes.

For example, Equal can no longer play when the opponent is a game speed demon. And he was also wrong in insisting that he play Gerard Morenowho was even mentally injured in his game.

Nor was the Dutch policeman fair, the referee Makkeliewho swallowed the penalty Lo Celso and he always saw Villarreal’s fouls better. It is the order of the UEFA president to finish off the Spanish teams as much as possible. As he has said recently: “The English teams helped to liquidate Florentino’s dream.” So, let Madrid prepare. The one who warns is not a traitor.

The fall of Villarreal is glorious. He almost kissed the sky of Paris, at least he brushed it with his spirit and subdued for forty-five minutes the one who already has the first ticket to Paris. The miracle was dreamed in Villarreal.

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