The Maturity Of Unai Emery

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Sunday at the Metropolitan Unai Emery crossed off the list of pending challenges one that dragged on for too many years: beat Atlético del Cholo Simeone. The most successful coach in the Europa League, semifinalist in the Champions League and director of projects at PSG, Arsenal, Valencia or Seville does not conceive of football without giving him homework and forcing him to seek excellence. “On Sunday he gave three talks before the game, and not five minutes,” they say from the Villarreal dressing room, a club with which he has developed an almost perfect symbiosis. In the offices, with the strength of the family red, far removed from the hesitation of other leaders with whom he had to deal. And on the field with a template designed with great care so that quality goes hand in hand with the counterweights that she, in her 16 years in the elite, has learned that she needs a locker room. Of those who are an example on and off the field.

Emery has matured. Without losing an iota of his vision of the game or his absolute dedication, he has applied what he asks of his players: constant evolution. From the rage generated by his stumble at Arsenal, a desire to grow and vindicate his work was born, polishing those aspects that those around him saw as necessary. One of them is self-control in the band. From the gesticulating Emery on the Pizjuán band, a more restrained coach has passed in the Ceramics, which does correspond to the control he has of everything that happens on the field.

This increased confidence in his style of play and the way he manages his squad translates into the stability of his coaching staff, from whom they left Carcedo and Idiakez to start solo projects and have been replaced by “internal promotion” assistants.

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He is not yet, but his son lander he has become just another adviser and whoever has given him a slap on the wrist when he got carried away by rage, like the day when, angry about the arbitration, he did not greet Xavi Hernandez after a match at the Ceramics. Then Lander reminded him that when he was at PSG the Catalan coach spoke well of him in Qatar. The words of his son made him rectify. At 19 years old, he is a goalkeeper for CD Roda, a Villarreal club that plays for Regional Preferred.

Both feed their passion for football and their technical and tactical knowledge, which indicates that the Emery could have continuity on the benches. Or perhaps at the head of a club, because the coach became the majority shareholder of the Real Unión de Irún, the club where his father and his grandfather played. The address has been left in the hands of two of his most trusted people: his lawyer Joshua Reta and his brother Igorwith Mikel Jauregui in front of the quarry. The intention is for the club to develop a social project in the Bidasoa region, becoming a player nursery. On how to achieve it, he had long talks with David Villasince Guaje is also developing a project with Queensboro FC in New York.

However, Emery’s interests are scattered beyond soccer. He has investments in technology, entrepreneurship and owns two restaurants in Valencia and Madrid, La Casita de Sabino. Now, his life is still inconceivable without football. Rejected Newcastle, that doubled the salary he received in Villarreal, due to the stability of the Castellón project, but his contract ends in June. How far he is able to grow the groguet team will depend on a future that to this day, still does not worry him.

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