The LPFF Announces Legal Actions Against Referees And Assistants Who Do Not Attend thumbnail

The LPFF Announces Legal Actions Against Referees And Assistants Who Do Not Attend

At dawn the LPFF issued a new statement after the decision taken by the members and attendees not to attend the first day of Women’s Professional Football. In it, the women’s association announces that the 16 clubs in the category “will appear in the matches scheduled for this Saturday, September 10 and Sunday, September 11, at the time established for their dispute.”

Despite the communication from the arbitration establishment yesterday Friday night where they summon the media this coming Monday to explain their decision to strike indefinitely, the LPFF as his clubs hope that “the CTA and the RFEF comply with their obligations and ensure the presence of the referees and assistants”.

He considers that his attitude is grounds for disqualification

In the case of non-appearance, as seems clear after the measure made public by the collegiate, the Women’s Professional League announces that it will proceed to present “the corresponding disciplinary complaints, requesting that the corresponding sanctioning measures be adopted for such a serious breach, including its disqualification.”

In addition to its own LPFF Together with the Clubs “they will initiate against the referees and assistants who fail to comply with their obligations, the appropriate actions to claim the damages that are generated.”

As we explained yesterday, the actions that they undertake will be done individually against the referees and assistants who do not attend, understanding that, since they do not have an employment relationship with the RFEFThey do not have the collective right to go on strike.

From the disciplinary point of view, article 192 of the General Regulations of the RFEF It states that referees and assistants “except in cases of greater or justified cause, are obliged to direct the matches for which they have been appointed…:”. In the second point it deepens in this sense when announcing that those who “do not participate, or do not appear without just cause, as well as the supposed abandonment of a test or activity, without due authorization from the Referees Technical Committeewill incur the immediate suspension for any arbitration appointment, without prejudice to the opening, where appropriate, of a disciplinary file.

According to what is argued by the LPFF, The referees and collegiate would be exposed to article 66 of the Disciplinary Code that speaks of very serious notorious and public acts that affect the dignity and sporting decorum that says the following: Those who commit notorious and public acts that affect the dignity or decorum sports, when they are especially serious, or recurrence of serious offenses of this nature, will be sanctioned with a fine of between 3,006 and 30,051 euros and one or more of the following sanctions: Disqualification from holding positions in the federative organization, or suspension or deprivation of license, for a period of two to five years”. In the case of considering it serious, they would be exposed to “a fine in the amount of 602 to 3,006 euros, disqualification or suspension for a period of one month to two years”. Decisions that would always have to be adopted after the opening of an extraordinary file after the presentation of the corresponding complaint by the clubs that oblige the Competition Committee to open tour of it.

The extensive statement of the LPFF It has just been announced that they will not accept “any blackmail from any group or institution, thanking in advance for the shows of support that, mainly from fans and footballers, we are receiving, requesting the CSD to use the necessary legal resources to guarantee the normal development of women’s professional competition”.

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