The last of Mou… against the eternal rival: “Yesterday a team won with an offside goal” thumbnail

The last of Mou… against the eternal rival: “Yesterday a team won with an offside goal”

TAfter the draw against Bologna (0-0) this Sunday, Mourinho I wasn’t just thinking about the Conference League semifinals. The Portuguese coach of Roma also had time at a press conference to send a ‘message’ to his neighbors from Lazio and get back into the eye of the hurricane, where he unfolds like few others.

After the game, Mourinho was asked at a press conference about the decision to use Zaniolo as a center forward. The Portuguese responded in his own way: “You never change, the story is always the same. I have been coaching for 22 years, there is also the fact that a team can win with an offside goal… because yesterday a team won with an offside goal. If I hadn’t made any changes today, the criticism would have been for not having given the conditions to the players to be able to compete with the opponent, this has never changed in 22 years. We played with Shomurodov and Abraham afterwards, and we didn’t improve. The players who joined later did not improve.”

Precisely in response to this, the journalists asked him if he had changed his opinion of the Italian press. And it is that 12 years ago, when he left Inter, he went to Madrid criticizing her and alleging that he was “a victim of intellectual prostitution.”

“Apart from some phenomena, I see a serious, critical and analytical press. But if you want to hide that yesterday a team won with an offside goal in the middle of 2022, you have to ask me this question again”Mourinho replied, referring again to that disallowed goal… But what is he referring to?

Sarri’s Lazio won 3-4 in La Spezia on Saturday. It was a crazy game, agonizing. Acerbi gave the final victory to the Romans in the final stretch. However, the goal had to be annulled for offside. since the defender was behind the goalkeeper and with insufficient defenses in front of him. Regulation in hand, the goal was illegal. However, the VAR and the referee granted it.

Lazio’s response

Before these words, Lazio have defended themselves. Roma’s local rivals have issued an official statement this morning, hours after Mourinho’s statements. Pray the following:

“The fact that in 2022 a coach of another team, during his press conferences, repeatedly refers to alleged arbitration favors to competing teams and that, at the same time, some national sports journalists, of declared football faith, are fervent for the same thing… The argument, forgetting their professional role and duty of impartiality, shows a few things: that Lazio is obsessively in his thoughts more than other career goals; that, as often happens, people look at other people’s houses to divert attention from lost results; and that, despite the need to evolve the image of football in Italy, some players are stuck with the constant repetition of accusations against referees and VAR.”

In addition, Lazio claimed several refereeing decisions that have not benefited them in the recent past at the same time that they said they did not complain about the referees out of respect for refereeing integrity.

The referees, sanctioned

According to the ‘ANSA’ news agency, the Italian Referees Association has suspended Pairetto, the Spezia-Lazio referee, and Nasca, the VAR referee for that match, until the end of the season. The goal conceded to Acerbi should not have gone up on the scoreboard, they slide.

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