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The keys to Barça-Levante, by Lobo Carrasco

1. Let’s talk about soccer

Who is at your level today? Ter Stegen, Gavi, Mingueza and Araujo go up, the rest go down. I mean, we have problems. I already observed details in previous games but in Cádiz, they got angry: not knowing that the ball has to reach quickly Depay and allow me to drive you thirty meters Dest. It is not taking it to your partner, it is passing the ball to one / two touches to avoid pressure from the opponent. That on the lawn you have to communicate shouting / warning or indicating to the partner how well he teaches Pique; not see and shut up. Also, never leave the ball waiting for the referee to foul in your favor (Memphis in view of Alarcon/Jonsson).

See that the young man Gavi interpreted the game well and that the experienced Luuk de Jong, no. It looked like a chicken running without a head! And it hurts because neither his friend Depay it tempered him. And another, always focusing on the goal Ledesma, yes or yes send to Demir on the left side seeing that the Pacha Espino he ‘ate’ it. In short, make decisions to get out of the miserable monotony of the first half.

2. That the Levante does not run

Reviewing the games in which the team Paco Lopez he beat Barça, it comes to me that it was because he was able to run -in the robbery / counterattack transition- in addition to catching the disorderly Blaugrana defense and taking advantage of some individual failure. This Levante has deserved more points in the league start but still has a problem: they reach the area a lot and their goalkeepers, Aitor or Cardenas, they are ‘overworked’. Let’s say that the Granota team matches are back and forth. There is usually no tactical entanglement and there the sides, Miramón / Clerc, Of fruits and the captain Morales, they feel powerful. Take advantage of them Melero, coming from the second line, and the crafty Roger using your good uncheck. Team without fear of the greats.

3. A sensible decision

It never seemed productive to me to throw coaches immersed in the season and this time, in which for months Ronald (Koeman) seems sentenced, I write: he said yes in the middle of the post-Bayern Champions League earthquake; He was immediately a coach / spokesperson; then he was losing players already Messi, the best of all time plagued the club by the brutal debt; and now, the most sensible thing would be to wait for Ansu Fati, Dembélé and the Kun enter the scene to see if, with them, the Barça of Koeman it works.

Levante is the only thing that counts today and, of course, the level of the squad has dropped but I prefer to play with a winning youth than with a professional devoted to pessimism. Pique, Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Jordi Alba and Ter Stegen they have to step forward. If you are at Barça, you always believe that you can win.

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