The judge is fed up with UEFA and audits Ceferin as a rebel thumbnail

The judge is fed up with UEFA and audits Ceferin as a rebel

The UEFA president is a few hours away from being charged with an alleged crime of disobedience after he has not yet complied with the court order to annul the sanctions against the founding clubs of the Super League and having announced it publicly on his website, as the judge has ordered him. According to the sources consulted by AS, Justice will fall on Ceferin if he insists on maintaining the pulse against the judge past midnight today.

This Tuesday expires the period of five days that the titular magistrate of the 17th Court of Madrid imposed on him to comply with what was ordered in his car of last April 20 and, although it is possible that Judge Ruiz de Lara will grant a new term to Ceferin by way of the urgent request, it is not easy for him to do so because the letter sent by UEFA to its 55 associated federations suggests that it will insist on obviating the judicial request. From that moment, at the request of the Spanish magistrate, the Prosecutor’s Office will investigate him for contempt, which could lead him to the bench.

On June 9, UEFA informed Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus that it was “suspending the disciplinary procedures that began for their participation in the Super League. 48 hours later, Ceferin came up and stated that this decision was” provisional ” The judge waited until last week to conclude that “the breach of said judicial resolution (the order of April 20) is even more evident when it has been expressly announced by senior UEFA leaders that the procedure has not waned. disciplinary action and that the sanctioning measures announced could be carried out as soon as the suspension is lifted. ” In other words, the judge requests the total annulment of all sanctioning procedures and not just their arbitrary suspension.. This is the reason why the file is about to be transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office so that charge Ceferin with rebellion and disobedience once the deadline for revoking the disciplinary proceedings has expired to which UEFA has given course.

Manuel Ruiz de Lara already warned in his last car that UEFA “acts outside the rule of law, openly promoting practices that compromise the principle of free competition in the relevant market for organizing professional football competitions in the European Union “and accused his president of “obstructing will tending to consolidate anticompetitive practices “and to the organization that presides over “a rebellious strategy tending to frustrate compliance with judicial decisions in order to make effective the danger of procedural delay that is intended to enervate with the adoption of precautionary measures “.

On the other hand, Ruiz de Lara has summoned the litigants next Friday in his Court, UEFA and its associated Leagues and Federations on the one hand, and the Super League and its partners on the other, for a turn of allegations that, in any case, would allow it to continue to lead the process even if it was assigned to another judicial headquarters. Meanwhile, the European Curia continues to collect information from the 27 members of the European Union before the Luxembourg Court issues its judgment on the question referred by the Spanish magistrate and that summarize in determine whether UEFA has a monopoly in the organization of European football because abuse of a dominant position in any area and on any EU territory is expressly prohibited by Community Laws.

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