The Italian press talks about the robbery of Milan! thumbnail

The Italian press talks about the robbery of Milan!

The Atlético de Madrid achieved victory at San Siro against a Milan who went ahead on the scoreboard and was penalized by the expulsion of Kessie at half an hour of play, when the team Pioli dominated the match in an overwhelming way, with the mattresses totally subdued and outmatched on all lines.

Thus, the analyzes of the Italian press focus on the arbitration action that, in their opinion, seriously harmed Milan’s interests, to the point of qualifying what happened on Tuesday night in San Siro as a robbery.

“Milan scippato”, (Milan docked) headlines La Gazzetta dello Sport on its cover. The same words you use Tuttosport. Both media agree that the expulsion was rigorous and the penalty non-existent.

Italian press talks about robbery at Milan-Atlético


Obviously, the red to the Ivorian coast was decisive in the future of the clash but with the regulations in hand, there is little doubt that the two yellows he received offer. The first by a grab to Llorente to avoid a promising attack by Atlético and the second, by a stomp also on the Madrid player when he was late to cut the ball.

And as for the penalty, television clearly shows how Kalulu hits the ball with the hand to move it away from Lemar, which was trying to lower it to hit. This action was reviewed by the VAR and ratified the decision it had taken live Çakir.

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