The guarantees of Barça, until January and in the process of being eliminated before thumbnail

The guarantees of Barça, until January and in the process of being eliminated before

The FC Barcelona optimistically contemplates the possibility of not having to guarantee 124.6 million, the amount set on March 17 and that LaLiga ordered to pay before November 29. For now, a moratorium is certain until January, when the Sports Law and the amount to be endorsed by clubs that are not public limited companies will be changed (FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Athletic and CA Osasuna) could drop to 2 or 3%, but it is also expected that the definitive elimination of the guarantee can be accelerated shortly either by Royal Decree, modification of the Law or amendment.

The four clubs mentioned, in addition to the Amorebieta Second Division, they have to guarantee with the current law of 1990 15 percent of the budget for ordinary spending plus the debt generated in the last year, in the case of Barça, 124.6 million. The Higher Sports Council (CSD) and LaLiga have decided to give a two-month margin. The CSD It is predisposed not to set percentages and, in principle, during this time, it will be the clubs that are not public limited companies that will negotiate with the CSD the percentage on which it is necessary to guarantee. It could be a more symbolic amount, 2 percent, but it could also be zero. The aim is to make this measure more flexible because it is understood that LaLiga’s economic control is already strict enough to add that club managers have to put their assets at risk.

The expected disappearance of the guarantees by Royal Decree would fall within the requests of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) to the Government within the negotiations for the approval of the General State Budgets. In any case, the elimination of a media that was a headache for the directors of the aforementioned clubs and that made it very difficult to access the position for the candidacies in the presidential elections seems close.

The PNV argued its petition as follows: “The Draft Law modifies the obligation to present an endorsement by the boards of directors of those clubs that were not obliged to become SADThis mechanism directly affects participation in the electoral processes of club boards, some of which will take place in the first half of next year ”. It is interpreted within the framework of the imminent elections in Athletic. President, Aitor elizegi, has already announced that it is not going to stand for re-election and intends to call them in June 2022. FC Barcelona could benefit.

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