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The four promoted to Second join CVC

The four clubs promoted to LaLiga SmartBankafter an in-depth study of the conditions of the agreement, have decided to join LaLiga Impulso, the strategic alliance with CVC that will allow these clubs, like the rest of the signatories, access to an economic injection that contributes to accelerating their professionalization and development.

For Alfredo Pérez, president of the Real Racing Club, “LaLiga Impulso is a tool that allows clubs to modernize their infrastructures and raise their digital level, with the aim of gaining more loyalty from their fans and reaching new audiences. The evaluation, therefore, is very positive”.

As stated in the agreement, a portion of CVC’s investment in LaLiga Impulso is allocated to promoted clubs, giving them access to 34% of the funds. The calendar established to receive the money is as follows: August 2022, 34%; June 2023, 16%; June 2024, 25% and June 2025, the remaining 25%.

To receive this injection of capital, the clubs must send their investment plans and the corresponding documentation that guarantees that the planned investments meet the conditions established in LaLiga Impulso.

In the words of Víctor Varela, Vice President and CEO of Albacete BP: “LaLiga Impulso allows us to work together, receiving support and tutoring, to improve the experience of our fans, the progressive digitization of the entity and the creation and development of platforms and services that help Albacete to grow sustainably”.

Ferran Vilaseca, president of FC Andorra, also wanted to assess his adhesion to LaLiga Impulso, “LaLiga Impulso will certainly help us in our ambition to create the necessary ecosystem to stabilize the club sportingly and structurally, especially with the creation of new infrastructures. FC Andorra is looking forward to its entry into professional football and LaLiga Impulso will be an essential help in developing the Club and adapting it to the next level”.

The commitment they acquire in terms of investment

As is known, LaLiga Impulso provides that the funds received by the clubs have a finalist nature and the signatory clubs undertake to invest, allocating a maximum of 15% to player registration, another 15% to debt reduction and 70% to the improvement of infrastructures and development of the clubs in the field of international development, brand and product, innovation and technology and digitization and social networks.

With the entry of these four clubs, there are already 40 clubs and two subsidiaries that make up LaLiga Impulso, since the 3 clubs and the relegated subsidiary remain within the agreement, so the overwhelming majority of professional competition clubs that have considered that the strategic alliance of LaLiga Impulso is beneficial for their clubs and favors their development and growth. Right now only Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic Club de Bilbao are outside this agreement

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