The First Teams, before 10 candidates for Matagigantes thumbnail

The First Teams, before 10 candidates for Matagigantes

The Copa del Rey begins to take shape. Today the last ten participants of the 116 clubs that will play the tournament have been known. The most modest ones have obtained the ticket, those that come from the Regional category and that are candidates to become Matagigantes. That is to say, those that will be measured in the first round to the First Division clubs. It will be in the afternoon of this Thursday (4:30 p.m.) when the first pairings of the KO tournament are known. The draw will take place in La Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas and will not be pure, but will be conditional.

Rules and conditions of the draw

Of the 116 teams that will compete in the Copa del Rey, only 112 will participate in the first round. All of them will be divided into seven Cups according to the category to which they belong. In this way, there will be one for the 10 clubs from the regional category (Cup 6), for First Club (Cup 1), Second Division (2) and First RFEF (3), Second RFEF ( 4) and the RFEF Cup semi-finalists (5). And there will be another reserved for the four Super Cup teams, exempt from the first round (Cup A). Below you can see which cup each team is going to.

With this organization and as they establish the competition bases, the teams of lesser category must be paired with those of greater to the extent that it is possible and giving priority always to those of greater division.

In this way, the pairings will be carried out as follows:

-The 10 teams from the Regional category will be measured at 10 First-class clubs.

-The four semifinalists of the RFEF Cup against 4 First-class teams.

-Two teams from Second RFEF against the two remaining First Clubs.

-21 teams from Second RFEF against 21 teams from Second Division

-9 Second RFEF teams against 9 First RFEF clubs.

-10 First RFEF teams against another 10 First RFEF teams.

Format of the first round

The first round It will take place on November 30, December 1 and 2, 2021. It will be played in a single match and will be played in the field of the lower category team, as long as they meet the minimum requirements established by the RFEF for said facilities. In the case of the First RFEF teams that will face each other, the club whose ball was drawn first will act as local. There will be no VAR in these first rounds.

From this tie, 56 teams will go to the second tie of the Copa del Rey, which will take place on December 15, 2021. The four participants of the Spanish Super Cup will also be exempt from this round.

Participating teams

The Copa del Rey knows the 116 clubs classified for the 21-22 edition, although only 112 teams will participate in the first round, since The four teams that play in the Spanish Super Cup in January 2022 (Atlético, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic) are exempted from playing the first two rounds and will come into play from the sixteenth. In this way, the RFEF in the draw will divide all the teams into different cups, according to the category they participate in and not according to the division in which they classified. For example, the teams that qualified for being First Last season and relegated, will be in the Second Cup.

Cup distribution

Cup A (Exempt the first two rounds): Atlético, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic.

Cup 1: Seville, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Levante, Betis, Villarreal, Celta, Granada, Osasuna, Cádiz, Getafe, Alavés, Elche, Espanyol, Mallorca and Rayo Vallecano.

Cup 2: Huesca, Valladolid, Eibar, Leganés, Almería, Girona, Sporting, Ponferradina, Las Palmas, Mirandés, Fuenlabrada, Malaga, Oviedo, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Cartagena, Alcorcón, Lugo, Burgos, Amorebieta and Ibiza.

Cup 3: Sabadell, UD Logroñés, Castellón, Albacete, Zamora, Unionistas, Cultural, Ferrol, Calahorra, Tudelano, SD Logroñés, Real Unión, Andorra, Nàstic, Alcoyano, Cornellà, Linares, UCAM, San Fernando CD, Algeciras, At. Sanluqueño, Badajoz, Sanse, Extremadura, DUX Inter, Talavera, Majadahonda, Deportivo and Atlético Baleares.

Cup 4: Arenteiro, Ceares, Cayón, Gernika, Europe, Eldense, Adarve, Gimnástica Segoviana, Vélez, Xerez, Ibiza Islas Pitiusas, Mensajero, Aguilas, Cacereño, Peña Sport, Racing Rioja, Teruel, Marchamalo, UD Montijo, Palencia Cristo Atlético, Atlético Pulpileño , Naxara, Bergantiños, San Roque de Lepe, Brea, Llanera, Alzira, Calvo Sotelo Puertollano, San Juan, Atlético Mancha Real and Pulido San Mateo Bakery.

Cup 5: Ebro, Leioa, Guijuelo and Córdoba.

Cup 6: Sostres, Utrillas, Unami, Victoria CF, San Agustín, CFI Alicante, Mollerussa, Villa de Fortuna, Huracán Melilla and Laguna.

Dates of the qualifying rounds of the Copa del Rey 2021-22

First round: December 1, 2021.

Second round: December 15th.

Sixteenth: January 5.

Eighths: January 15-16 (January 19 for Super Cup participants).

Rooms: February 2nd.

First leg of the semifinals: February 9.

Round of semifinals: March 2nd.

Final: April 23rd.

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