The Eight Teams Punished For Failing To Comply With Financial ‘fair Play’: PSG, Punished With A

UEFA has announced the sanctions for not complying with the famous financial ‘fair play’. And in front of them, as one of the main suspects on the continent, is PSG. This has been announced in a statement. The First Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Committee also determined that the Inter, Juventus, Milan, Monaco, Rome, Besiktas Y Olympic Marseille have not met the break-even point requirement.

The French champion is the club that has received the highest fine, 10 million euros, which could increase to 65 if they fail to comply with the plan agreed with UEFA to balance their accounts in a maximum period of three years. Roma, sanctioned with five million, could have to pay 35 in case of non-compliance with the agreed conditions.

Inter is next on the list, with four million (26 threat), followed by Juventus with 3.5 (23), Milan with 2 (15), Besiktas with 600,000 (4), Monaco and Marseille (both with 300,000 euros and two in case of breach of the agreement).

“Under the three-year settlement agreement, the clubs commit to meeting the revenue standard in football during the 2025/26 season,” UEFA said in its statement. “They undertake to achieve intermediate annual objectives, and to apply conditional financial and sporting measures in the event that these objectives are not met,” he adds.

UEFA also reports that another 19 clubs (including Barcelona, ​​Seville, Betis, Manchester City and Chelsea) were able to comply with the ‘fair play’ thanks to having taken advantage of “the Covid-19 emergency measures”, but warned that ” As of the 2023 financial year, these exceptional deductions will no longer be possible. “These clubs have been asked for additional financial information and will be closely monitored in the coming period,” UEFA warned.

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