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The Champions of the impossible, an epic that takes Real Madrid to Paris

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The game does not explain the things that happen at the Bernabéu. So Pep Guardiola he looked at the floor, shook his head, scratched himself, like a crazy professor. He did it before the game. Something sensed. It was the fear of those who know Madrid so well. He knows everything about his enemy except what cannot be known, what is not seen, is not counted. He lives, he feels. Those who were at the Bernabéu will be able to tell. Whatever happens in Paris, the road to this Champions League is already an epic in white. First against PSG Mbappethen against the oligarch’s Chelsea Abramovich. Finally, against Manchester City, Guardiola’s ‘club-state’, the man who had won the most at the Bernabéu, the antichrist of Real Madrid whose science devoured Rodrygo, that baby-faced monster from the epic, in less than two minutes. Two minutes of life to quote Madrid with his ‘jour de gloire’ in Paris.

Two goals down in the 90th minute is brain death. Not if who the patient is Madrid. Rodrygo arrived at the first center. The second, immediately after, too. First in anticipation thanks to the vision of Benzema. Later, to rendezvous with the center of a titan, Carvajal. In this way, City lost its advantage over the Etihad and that of the goal scored by Mahrez with which he had advanced. By then, neither Kroos neither modric neither Casemiro they were on the lawn. It was the same. Any white shirt behaved the same way. Camavinga It seems to be born from her womb. Madrid had held on to Courtois’s mast when Benzema, already in extra time, was knocked down in the area and was summoned in the 11 meters. The third goal lit up the Eiffel Tower. In the resistance that claimed the unprecedented Vallejo, no longer turned off. On the 28th, against Liverpool, it will light up two magical teams to reproduce the final in kyiv, that of the thirteenth. Wait for the fourteenth.


Control suited City and Madrid, the mess, the chaos. When Guardiola theorizes about football he usually refers to chaos theory. Also Juanma Lillo, his second. There is no antidote, it is the conclusion of it. Madrid needed it because they cannot match City’s game, nor do they intend to, and because nothing like chaos activates emotions. It is a soccer team as exceptional as its rival, and with better individuals in various positions, such as the goalkeeper and the ‘nine’, but it does not compete on the same frequency. He wants to dominate the moments while Guardiola wants those moments to disappear for the continuity of his. Two got away. They killed him.

The tension of the game, electrified the Bernabéu, hurt City, but little by little they achieved a sufficient level of possession, although without reaching the performance of the Etihad, moved by the threads of Bernard Silva, so that his rival would not come over him like an avalanche, that white avalanche whose crackle begins on the slopes of the stadium. When he did, he was unstoppable.

City had enough chances to have gone ahead, but they always responded Courtoisbefore Bernardo Silva, gabriel jesus either Foden. It was enough flow for a goal, but not an unstoppable flow. The answers from Madrid came, instead, by outbursts of Vinicius or connections with Benzema, but not very clean. Ederson he didn’t have to stop any compromised ball in the first half, but there was something in the air, ‘something in the air’, when those from Ancelotti.


In this way he managed to cling to life at the Etihad, although against a more dominant City and, above all, accurate. In something, however, the Manchester team improved, when Guardiola recovered his two starting full-backs, I cancel Y Walker. the second was not Fernandinho, stranded in the media while Vinicius flew. At the Bernabéu, he came to stop him, at the limit of the foul and with high risk, but also safely. With the body of a 400 runner, that is an athlete, as Guardiola would say. He didn’t last until the end. His people noticed it.

Two center kicks told two truths of the game. The one that opened the clash, from City, directly to his goalkeeper. He meant fear, caution. The one that started the second half, after a first period in a draw, caused the first real chance for the locals: modric turn, Kroos He threw, Benzema ran and Vinicius, alone, missed. He meant need, desperation.

The action was like a bugle call that took Madrid where it wanted, to its best minutes, while City looked for cold water at the feet of Bernardo Silva, with the gift of ubiquity. The hot water had not reached the feet of DeBruyne everything that Guardiola would have wanted. He left the field. Mahrez played the role of him with a flag goal and Madrid lost Modric, Kroos and Casemiro. Does not matter. What happens in this stage is not explained by names, nobody explains it. It is the Champions of the impossible, the epic of Madrid.

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