The best goalkeeper of the moment is not Courtois… and he plays in Uruguay: Rochet thumbnail

The best goalkeeper of the moment is not Courtois… and he plays in Uruguay: Rochet

ANDhe best goalkeeper of the season was Thibaut Courtois, from Real Madrid, but The best goalkeeper of the moment in the world has a first and last name: Sergio Rochet.

The Uruguayan goalkeeper of Nacional de Montevideo, and current head of the National Team, arrived this week, in the Copa Sudamericana match against Unión (2-0), at 11 and a half consecutive games without conceding a goalsomething incredible and unprecedented, at least in Uruguay.

Rochet, the star and captain of the leader of the Uruguayan League, accumulates 994 minutes without conceding a goal, counting club and national team. His streak began after the goal scored by Manuel Castro on May 3 in a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Estudiantes.

From there, National, with Rochet on the fence, beat Phoenix 1-0; to Defender Sporting 2-0; to Albion 2-0; to Bragantino 3-0; to Cerrito 3-0; to Defender Sporting 1-0; to River Plate 3-0; to Danube 1-0; and Union 2-0 (South American). In between, he also played two games with Uruguay: 3-0 against Mexico in the United States and the first half of the 5-0 against Panama in the Centenario.

Rochet is a 29-year-old goalkeeper recovered by Nacional in 2019, with Iván Alonso, former sports secretary, and manager Alejandro Balbi at the helm, after spending several seasons in the Netherlands (AZ Alkmaar), where he did play, and an unfortunate step in Turkey (Sivasspor), where he was ‘lost’. Nacional recovered it and now holds a record that he can extend against Plaza Colonia in the League on Friday night.

Rochet has already broken the club record forhe mythical Ladislaus Mazurkiewicz, who had 987 minutes undefeated in all tournaments in a row.

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