The 1×1 Of Viktoria Plzen Against Barça

Stanek – Overcome

Although he made five good saves, he took a hand from the Camp Nou. Little prize for him.

Havel – Resigned

He lacked help to stop Ansu and Jordi Alba’s internships.

Hejda – Overtaken

He took out some compromised ball, but against Lewandowski he only needed to applaud.

Pernica – Conditioned

He saw the yellow card in the fifth minute and that already weighed on him for the rest of the match.

Jemelka – Humiliated

He had to dance with Dembélé the day the Frenchman set out to be the king of the dance floor.

Kalvach – Misplaced

He chased the ball more than he likes and before the culés triangulations he felt like inside a million dollar machine.

Bucha – Disoriented

Like his teammate, he saw the ball pass in front of him when in his league he is one of those who touches it the most.

Mosquera – Forgiven

He came out well from the elbow that led to Christensen since he only saw a yellow card. In attack, he did not generate danger.

Vlkanova – Unnoticed

He has been with the team for three weeks and it shows. But he left a couple of good passes in the first half that bode well for the future.

Sykora – Scorer

Good shot to take away a memory for life: Score in the Champions League against FC Barcelona.

Chory – Combative

He had his chance against the two significant casualties that Viktoria Plzen had in attack. He tried hard but it lacked neatness.

Bassey – Late

He entered to try to get his team into the game, but when he was on the wing, Barça scored the fourth.

Cermak – Precise

He came out to have the ball a little more and managed to do it. At least he didn’t lose it

Pillar – Returned

The only one who had played at the Camp Nou 11 years ago and Bilek gave him the privilege of doing it again for a quarter of an hour.

Jirka – Soulless

He entered with Pilar with the match already fully sentenced

Holik – Recognized

He had his prize of playing in the Champions League and at the Camp Nou.

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