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Tevenet, critic with an Atleti B “of two faces”

The Atlético de Madrid B he left two points before him Carabanchel Wednesday in Majadahonda. The rojiblanco subsidiary went 2-0 on the scoreboard after 22 minutes of play after goals from Giuliano Simeone and Carlos Martín, but the historic Madrid team managed to equalize the contest.

A result that surprised and that was a blow for the colchoneros, as demonstrated after the match by the subsidiary coach, Luis García Tevenet.

The coach, in words collected by the Atlético de Madrid website, was critical of his team. “We have had two faces. We have been our main enemies for half an hour and we have given life to a rival who was content to be close to his goal and who even with the 2-1 was still waiting for what he found: a mistake, “he said.

“We knew we were going to have opportunities but we have not found the solutions with the passage of the game. We played good football and it helped us to win 2-0 but we have to be more ambitious and damaging to finish hurting our opponents. From 2-2 we have played what they wanted, who have played their tricks. They have those weapons and they have been smarter than us on that stretch. In the end each game is a world and is different but we are going to find these difficulties against teams that are going to give you the ball and are going to wait for you to make a mistake and we have to try to overcome all those situations ”, analyzed the mattress coach.

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