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Ter Stegen does not stop

The Barça current has many problems. Performance of Marc-André ter Stegen is another one. The German does not stop balls as before. And not for an indentation that makes vulnerable the one who was until recently one of the few indisputable members of the squad. On Bullets conceded three goals for the third time this season after the 0-3 of the Bayern and the 3-0 of Benfica. All of them in the second half in which he also conceded two well annulled goals. Without counting them, therefore, there were three targets received in four shots.

Only one stop could prove Ter Stegen, unable to Vigo to give continuity to Tuesday’s game in Kiev, when it was providential against Carlos de Pena with 0-0 and at the end with 0-1 before Viktor Tsygankov. Iago Aspas, doubly, and Nolito wrote another dark chapter of the Germanic’s book of nightmares in Bullets, where he has never won: three defeats and two draws in five visits under the culé framework. The only victories with him in the squad were with Bravo (0-1 in 2014-15) and Net (0-3 in 2020-21 with him injured). Blades, his greatest executioner, has scored eight goals (seven in Vigo) in 10 duels. The first on Saturday he gave it to her.

The global figures of Ter Stegen they are also light years away from their best times. The team relied on its reliability for many years and on the scoring flow of Messi. Now, neither one thing nor the other with Leo in Paris. Comparing his start to the course with the other seven since he landed on the Camp Nou, there are no numerical arguments to come to your aid. They are 18 goals conceded in their first 14 games played. There is only a worse precedent. In 2015-16 he received 20 and left the mark at zero in only three of his initial 14 presences. And the current record is double that of nine points against 2017-18, when the ‘clean sheets’ (8) were double than now.

Ter Stegen’s first 14 games each season at Barça


The adjective of salvador has hardly appeared hooked to that of Ter Stegen This exercise. In addition to the night of Kiev, before him Bayern Yes he avoided a bigger blush at the Camp Nou and in Cádiz he emerged ‘in extremis’ to maintain the 0-0. Little more. In the 1-1 game against Alavés, he saw the streak in which he conceded a goal in the first shot on goal increased to five games. On The league adds 18 stops of 30 shots at sticks for 10 of 16 in the Champions League. In total: 46 shots against goal with 18 goals (39.13%) and 28 saves (60.87%).

Ter Stegen, during Celta-Barça

Ter Stegen, during Celta-Barça

Pep Morata (MD)

The trend follows the same paths as the end of the previous year when Ter Stegen came to hear statements from Pique saying that “every time they kick it goes inside”. The German was operated in May on the patellar tendon of the right knee by the Swedish doctor Hakan Alfredson, who insisted that recovery was equally important. The doctor has a trust center in Barcelona but the meta preferred to work with his ‘physios’. In August 2020 he was already intervened by Ramon Cugat and in May 2019 he did not play again after the 4-0 of Anfield, one of the nine European debacles with him present since the 4-0 in Paris in 2017 with a partial of 35-3.

No competition in the Barça since the departure of Bravo After winning the pulse that he raised to the club, today he joins the German team without a debate between him and Manuel Neuer while there is talk in his country of an offer of 55 million from Newcastle.

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