Stadiums may be filled again except in Euskadi thumbnail

Stadiums may be filled again except in Euskadi

The football stadiums will be able to be fully occupied from this Friday except in the Basque Country, where the current capacity in the fields (60%) will be maintained for the moment. The decision has been adopted by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) with the endorsement of 16 communities and the abstention of the Basque Country, which understands that since the regional government is competent in this matter, the decree that establishes in Euskadi 60% capacity in stadiums until next week the advisory committee of the Civil Protection Plan (LABI) meets. Urkullu, however, has admitted at the inauguration of a congress on ethics and climate change, that the legal services of the Basque Government are currently analyzing whether they comply with the decision taken by the Interterritorial Health Council to raise the capacity in stadiums to 100% football or maintain what has been established so far in Euskadi by LABI. The last time they refused to abide by the expansion to 60%, finally the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country forced them to do so after LaLiga appealed to the courts the first decision of the Basque executive.

Despite the expansion of capacity, the Ministry of Health has insisted on the need to maintain non-pharmacological measures, so that the mask remains mandatory, as well as the prohibition of eating or drinking during matches except for the consumption of water. Nor can you consume tobacco or related products. With the new measures and the full capacity there will no longer be a safety distance of 1.5 meters in football stadiums.

La Real will play tomorrow against Monaco and will not do so again in Anoeta until October 16, against Mallorca in the League, so there are two weeks in the case of the txuri urdin club to see how the influx to the stadiums evolves. It seems difficult that within 17 days the capacity at the Real stadium will not be expanded to 100% or, at least, 80%.

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