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Solved the mystery on the television-mirror of Leo Messi

The networks have gone crazy with the new mystery that surrounds the daily life of Leo Messi. What does the Argentine star have in his living room? A television, a mirror, the reflection of a screen?

The ex player of the Barça and now in the PSG He posted a ‘storie’ on his Instagram account that left his followers perplexed. Messi It showed a screen showing the Argentine futsal team, which qualified for the semifinals of the World Cup in Lithuania after beating Russia in a dramatic penalty shoot-out after drawing 1-1 in regulation time.

From Paris, where his new home is located, Messi photographed himself watching the game with his family, his wife Antonela and his sons Mateo and Thiago, they were vibrating with the exciting match.

The Argentine published an image on his Instagram account in which everyone could be seen from a comfortable chair: “Vamoooooosss !!!” celebrated, accompanying the message with an emoji of the Argentine flag and three palms applauding what was the tense definition.

Messi and his family watch TV from the sofa


The fact is that his followers did not quite understand what kind of extraordinary screen he was enjoying the meeting on. Thus, the image quickly went viral and several users appeared surprised by a curious detail: what is seen seems to be the reflection of the TV in a mirror and many could not understand where the TV was located.

After the incognito and the mystery generated, some managed to hit the key by assuring that it was a “Mirror TV”: a television embedded in a mirror that can fulfill both functions perfectly.

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