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Simeone: “Victory is more important than the game”

Griezmann and Súarez celebrate the Uruguayan goal, from a penalty.DANIELE MASCOLO / Reuters

When the video scoreboards focused on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, sitting in one of the boxes, San Siro roared for the first time. It was the preamble to the torrent of noise and game that intermingled to overwhelm Atlético. “We neither knew nor had tools to get out of their pressure, but from minute 30 another game started when they were left with one less. In the second half, the team improved, the entry of Lodi and Lemar, gave us more dynamism and we looked for the goal in the last meters with João, Griezmann and Correa ”, analyzed Diego Pablo Simeone. “I did not celebrate the draw, we wanted to win, Griezmann’s goal makes me happy, but we will have to demand the maximum from him,” continued the rojiblanco coach.

The game left a trace of relief in Simeone: “The victory is more important than the game because of how the group was. Milan already played well at Liverpool and tonight. We have to increase the pace of the game, we have to grow and improve ”. Cholo was very clear about the analysis of what his team had done. “What I liked the least was the start and the good thing was trying to win the game in every way, good or bad.”

If Simeone breathed with victory, Antoine Griezmann did so with his first goal after his return to Atlético. “I wasn’t comfortable, I couldn’t find myself and with work and with the help of my teammates and the coach who gives me, I can only improve. My teammates are waiting for me, the club, the fans and I am here for that. I try to reach my best level as soon as possible ”, explained the Frenchman in the Movistar cameras. For Griezmann, the reason for his delay in performing at the level expected of him has to do with the stress caused by his signing at the end of the market “A lot of change, in the end it was done all the last day. It’s another team, another way of playing and it costs. There are many changes, everything is different and I have to get used to it as soon as possible. The coach and the teammates need me and I hope it will be as soon as possible. Nights like this will help me improve ”. Finally, the Frenchman sent a message to the red-and-white fans: “The fans want to see me like this, like tonight and that’s the only thing I want, to give them joy, to go to sleep happily. My goal when I come back is to make them happy and bring nice things ”.

Stefano Piolo, the Milan coach, praised his team, but did not forget the performance of Turkish referee Cakir. “We have played a great game, with intensity, from the side you could see that we were superior. I think the expulsion was unfair. Afterwards, it seemed that we were going to have a positive result with the draw, but the penalty signaled it very quickly, without almost looking at it ”.

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