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Simeone: “Those two points don’t come back, but it’s my fault, I was wrong”

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, analyzed the game that his team played against the Valencia on Mestalla, in which his team allowed themselves to tie a match they had won. The Argentine took responsibility for what happened on the pitch, because according to what he said, he failed in some decisions.

The coach preferred to stay with the good that the game had left, in which, according to his players, they had “played an extraordinary match for 80 or 85 minutes.” “The pity is that those points no longer return,” he added.

“They, in the end, all gambled on a goal from a set ball, some noise in the area … They were ready and focused and it is a meritorious draw for the Valencia”, He reflected in statements to Movistar. Those two late goals Valencia, marked in the extension time of a match that reached the 90th minute with an advantage for the Madrid team by 1-3, were a hard hit although the coach did indicate that he was the one who had made a mistake and highlighted the rival’s faith in seeking the tie.

“What I have to say I will say in the dressing room. It is hard the points that are lost, but I cannot stay for the last five minutes but with the work they did after the effort of Liverpool and the great game the team played. Mistakes are paid in football. It was a great game, with 80-85 very good minutes, great personality and unfortunately sometimes we are right, today we are wrong “, he said to point out:” It is the coach’s fault. ” Asked where he had failed, he said: “In party situations.”

The technician did not want to delve into the failure of Kondogbia which ended in the goal that opened the door to the comeback. “I would not individualize the tie in any footballer, if you have to individualize someone, it is the coach, not any player,” he insisted.

Asked if the stoppage of The league As of this Sunday, for the meetings of the national teams, he limited himself to indicating that the break did not matter to him and at no time did he want to enter into assessing the circumstances that had led to the loss of two points in a match that his team seemed to have won. with breadth.

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