Simeone: “I like how Real Madrid plays” thumbnail

Simeone: “I like how Real Madrid plays”

Have you lacked daring?

Until their first goal it was an even game, without scoring situations. In the end, Madrid’s forcefulness messed up the game. In the second half we grew, we had some dangerous situation, but then the second goal came, they won fairly. The forcefulness decided the party.

What did the team lack?

They made a great effort again. We had to play with Kondogbia as central and the team worked very well collectively after a great effort in Portugal. Madrid is very well, very forcefully, with a football that I like a lot, taking advantage of quick transitions and the coach is a great coach who has done things very well as he is doing again.

Is there still a League?

League is there for sure. Madrid get us an important amount of points and the League is complicated. We cannot think beyond competing in the next game, which is against Sevilla and the one that we have pending afterwards. We cannot think of anything other than this right now.

Are you worried about defensive fragility?

In all aspects. The goals are collective errors, not individual ones, we will try to continue working this week. Peace of mind, there is no rush, the League is the day to day and we think about the Seville game.

How do you rate the game?

Forcefulness in football is fundamental and Madrid is going through a period of absolute forcefulness. It comes and marks you. We had some option in the second half, but they took advantage of a counter and made a great goal. They won fairly. The team worked, it came from a very great mental effort from Portugal and the game was played. Until 1-0 nothing happened, but then the game took another path.

In addition to mental wear, is there also physical wear?

The 2-0 ends up hurting you, the team gave everything, they are working well and the League is long, despite the fact that the difference is very big with the first, but we have to look at the one in front and try to pass it watching the game to match.

Is it too much difference to be 13 points away?

Madrid is forceful and playing a football that I like, well in the low block, strong in defense, coming out with speed and forcefulness. He is doing a very good championship.

Is Madrid a bit cholista?

No. We know Ancelotti, he has worked wonderfully where he was and his team plays well. Take advantage of what you have.

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