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Sergio León: “You have to win, but it is also important not to lose”

The player of the Real Valladolid Sergio Leon He warned this Tuesday, at a press conference, that “you have to win, but it is also important not to lose”, referring to the draws against Ponferradina and Malaga, although he admitted that “both ended with a bittersweet feeling.”

“Goal opportunities, we have, but we have to put it in, and we are not doing it for details that are costing us. Little by little we will all get better,” said the striker of the Blanquivioleta team, who also aspires to be able to score, although until the date has only had “one clear occasion” to do so.

In this sense, he has commented: “I try to break through the wings, keep the ball, make the team play and give goal assists, and so it is difficult for me to put it in, because everything cannot be done”, hence not obsess you, as long as the results accompany and contribute to the benefit of the group.

He recognized that, at first, it was difficult for him to “catch the rhythm of the matches”, but little by little he is achieving it, since he is adapting “very well” to the team, where he has had “a great reception” and maintains “many desire and enthusiasm “to achieve the objective of the promotion, and to make progress every day.

As he has admitted, he is a player who likes to “fight, go to the clash, win the duels”, but “you have to adapt to each situation in the game and try to do what is most necessary”, while at the same time assured that with Weissman he “understands well” on the field, as with the rest of his teammates.

The anadluz believes that the pucelanos deserve more

Sergio León believes that Real Valladolid “deserved more” in games such as those played against Ponferradina or Málaga, in which they had to “go rowing against the current” after getting behind on the scoreboard, and in both cases, penalties were decisive, a question that they must “solve”.

“There have been five penalties in nine days, I don’t know if it has been bad luck, or lack of concentration, but it is clear that we must correct it, because we are well, with the game controlled, and suddenly the penalty comes and you already have to come back, “explained the Cordovan attacker.

Questioned by the play of Spain-France, in which Mbappé scored the controversial goal that gave victory to the world champions in the League of Nations, Sergio León was forceful: “For me, it’s offside, because that new rule that have been removed, only they should have known about it, but that has already happened and it is absurd to put the finger on the sore. What you have to do is try to take advantage of this new rule, “he concluded.

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